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Today I log in my Splinterlands account and am met with the surprise of being able to claim the last Chaos Legion airdrop card. That cards name is Lily Shieldpaw and is part of the Dragon Splinter. This Summoner comes equipped with three abilities; +1 Health To All Friendly Monsters (1) Friendly Monsters Can't Be Attacked Unless In First Position (2) Heals The Back Friendly Monster That Has Taken The Most Damage (3). My main account (@rentmoney) didn't hit any drops this time but one of my alt accounts in which I had purchased 2,400 Chaos Legion Booster Packs on managed to smash the odds. In total I ended up with six airdropped Lily ShieldPaw's and one of them turned GOLD. Over-all I purchased a few thousand Chaos Legion Packs and the only gold airdrop card I hit before this one was the good doctor himself (Doctor Blight). Which if I had the choice of only owning two GFL from the airdrops; Doctor Blight would have been one of my choices due to it being the leading man for the Chaos Legion set. Next (possibly first) easily been Lily ShieldPaw due to this specific card being a Legendary Dragon Summoner.

$27.10 x 5 = $135.50 + $184 = $320.50 USD

What does one do after discovering they smashed the odds and got dropped a Legendary Gold Foil Dragon Summoner. First they very graciously and loudly say "F&ck Yeah!". Secondly once calmed down they look around the room to realize that others are now starring at them with puzzle looks on their face (was worth it). Sure I can tell them I just turned over a Gold Foil Legendary Summoner in a Play2Earn game that is helping to pave the way for WEB3 gaming but that would lead to more puzzle looks and questions that would have answers that lead to more (you guessed it) puzzled looks. Aside from that I went straight to the market to check the prices. Looks like Splinterlands has graciously dropped me $320.50 USD worth of assets today. The Gold Foil is currently listed at $184* and the regular foil are listed for $27.10.

There is now less than half a million Chaos Legion Booster Packs left for sale. I been sounding like a broken record these past few weeks with telling everyone that the time to purchase is now because if you plan on picking up some Chaos Legion Booster Packs from the official Splinterlands site there might not be none left to purchase later. As we noted all airdrops have now completed but that doesn't mean there isn't any goodies that can be won for purchases. In fact Splinterlands has announced a competition for the last remaining packs called the End Of Sale Leaderboard. The Leaderboard can be seen on the Official Splinterlands site. A link leading to the leaderboard can be located in the airdrop section (Click Shop Link: Go To Packs Section). Below screenshoted are the rewards for the top 10 purchasers. Click the provided highlighted link to read the official announcement post detailing the End Of Sale Leaderboard promotion.

Click Here To Read The Official Announcement Post

All Chaos Legion Airdrop Cards

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