A Chance Meeting Leading the Beautiful Town of Bornos

People think we are crazy for taking a Land Rover overseas but let me give you an example of what Land Rover people are like.

Curros saw our Insta story this morning and realized we were only half an hour from him, and invited us for coffee. He'd been following us for ages and couldn't believe one of his favorite cars was near his town.

He took us for a tour of his beautiful town in the rain, and we learnt a lot about the area (and Santana Land Rovers) and was pointed in the direction of a couple of other places in the area to visit.

It shouldn't be so wet this week, he explained almost apologetically. It's also the biggest Holy Week where processions fill the streets, but clearly the weather makes it tricky. But like us in Victoria, when the rain comes, it's a relief from drought, so who can complain?

He took us to the local church which had been converted to a school. Inside though was still a chapel where there were two - I'm not sure the name of them - religious floats, one wooden, one beaten metal. Something like 8 to 10 men get underneath and lift it to carry through the streets - it's quite the religious fam fare, though the rain this week would make it hard to have such festivities!

We then paused for breakfast - a local muffin type roll with either ham or jam and an expresso. We talked a lot about Land Rovers and we leant Santana Land Rovers were an abbreviation of Santa Ana, a saint. The Spanish government had funded the company as they wanted to support industry and agriculture in the area. Like else where in the world, they still have a big fan base.

I know I said I hadn't been drinking coffee but sometimes it feels rude not to. I enjoyed this one so much and I think one every now

After that we went to another church. It was pretty dark inside but lovely. Even if you don't believe in God you can admire the history and architecture. The paintings were soooo old. I think the church dated to medieval times.

I was more enamoured with the garden. It had a pond, a huge magnolia tree, oranges of course, a gazebo with mosaics made by the monks many years ago.

We stood out of the rain and compared notes on Australia and Spain, which have such similar climates.

To be honest we didn't even know about this beautiful town until Curro has messaged us. We diverted because we are big believers in going where the road takes us. And we believe in the magic of chance encounters too. Curro was so warm and generous of spirit we were glad to have taken the risk.

After admiring the beautiful town of Bornos, we headed out to see a dam. The town is built around a big lake with a dam in the middle. Curro told us the name of a few other places to visit in the area and we parted ways. It really was a lovely encounter and we were so glad for the powers of social media that made it happen!!

With Love,

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