How to Win with 1UP! Various Ways Including LIMITED-TIME Liquidity Pools!

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Right now the new #oneup token is getting some GREAT value for you in MANY ways, including liquidity pools!! This post covers (1) What ONEUP is, (2) How to Earn 1UP (#oneup) and (3) Where to Invest it (how to use a #oneup liquidity pool)!

What is the ONEUP Token?

You can go visit the platform to see various posts using the #oneup tag! You see, 1UP is a "new hive outpost for play2earn blockchain games and NFT assets". ONEUP is creating an area to discuss various crypto games, not just Splinterlands, and eventually 1UP will be focused on creating NFTs! The possibilities are endless with ONEUP, and it seems the money is as well! If you want to read more about it, here's one of the founder's, @flauwy 's post all about it:

How to Earn 1UP

Giveaways Based Upon Your Posts

Several ONEUP Rewards are being given to those who write exceptional posts on social media! These posts can be located on mainstream social media like Instagram and Twitter, but they also can be posted on or other blogging sites. You can read all about one of the main challenges written by @dynamicrypto.

Here's the Link

Here's another link as well:

Dynamicrypto is updating these posts constantly so be sure you're following him to keep up with the great giveaways. You can find other giveaways as well if you head over to the 1up zone website.


You can earn ONEUP by engaging! The @engage1up account is rewarding those who comment with 1UP in order to build up the community!! What a fantastic way to earn ONEUP just by commenting on other's posts! Taking time to support those who wrote something for you by telling them your thoughts is the biggest compliment an author/blogger can receive, so this is a FANTASTIC benefit to everyone and I applaud @engage1up for doing it!

Where to Invest ONEUP for Best R.O.I.

Try the ONEUP Diesel Pools!

Right now, until around the first of the year, ONEUP has the most fantastic pool for you to get a GREAT return on investment. Here is the link for Tribaldex Pools:

Once you've gone there, click on POOL and type in ONEUP. You will see the two pools currently available:

You'll find ONEUP:SPT and SWAP.HIVE:ONEUP. Both are giving you

We'll choose the SWAP.HIVE:ONEUP since it does give more R.O.I. at this time.

As you see here, you type in an amount or, you can click on the word "MAX", and it will put all your ONEUP into the pool.

Then you will see that it automatically calculates how much HIVE you need to go with the ONEUP.

You click on Add Liquidity and you can then click on Your Positions to see how much you're making based upon what you've added. The figures show you the rewards based upon a 24-hour period.

You want to take advantage of these pools now while you can! Be sure to spread the word about 1UP, because it will benefit Splinterlands by giving the game more exposure among other crypto games. And with the value of ONEUP right now, you should see great rewards heading your way!

Please comment below if you have other ways you are earning ONEUP or thoughts on the 1UP Zone! I'd love to hear from you!

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Please remember my post is not meant to be financial advice and is just my opinion.
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