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The Void Ability is a very powerful ability that allows for powerful defense, especially against Magic Attacks. Because Monsters with the Void Ability reduce damage from Magic Attacks. If I feel that the opposing player will prefer Magic Attack Monsters, I will not hesitate to use Monsters with the Void Ability. If I feel that all monsters on the opposing team will become Magic Attack Monsters then I would never hesitate to choose IMMORTALIS as the Summoner because IMMORTALIS is a summoner that gives Void Ability to all friendly monsters. In this way, my team is both more resistant to Magic Attacks and gains a great advantage in battle.

IMMORTALIS is a powerful summoner that gives Void Ability and Shatter Ability to all friendly monsters, Also IMMORTALIS reduces the health of all enemy monsters by -1.

  • Void Ability : Reduced damage from Magic attacks.
  • Shatter Ability : Target's armor is destroyed when hit by an attack from Monsters with Shatter.

Battle Link

Battle Ruleset
Odd Ones Out
Wands Out
Mana Cap 59

  • Odd Ones Out rule means only Monsters with odd Mana costs may be used in battles.
  • Wands Out rule means only Monsters with Magic attack may be used in battles.
  • Earthquake rule means non-flying Monsters take 2 Melee damage at the end of each round.

According to the battle ruleset, only Magic Attack Monsters can be used in this battle, so I knew that it would be a huge advantage for my team to have all the monsters in my team with the Void Ability in this battle, so I chose IMMORTALIS as the summoner without hesitation. I recommend you to watch this great battle from the battle link and you can see how effective the Void Ability is in battles.


What are your thoughts on the battle and IMMORTALIS? I would be glad if you write your thoughts in the comments.

Battle Link

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