China Bans Apple

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Technology has quickly become part of our lives and we simply can’t do away with it. Whether we agree to the fact or not a lot of our business revolves around the use of technological devices. Some say that technology is a bad thing for us. While others say it has come to make our work easier day by day. Am one of the people who think technology is a blessing though I think of technology as something fascinating which doesn’t seem to surprise me day in and day out.

If you’re a tech enthusiast you might have known that the US and China have had an ongoing tech war for a while now. Both countries are trying very hard to stop using or should I say relying on each other for technology. While both countries are already taking initiatives to stop their countries from being dependent on each other, China has become the latest to make a move.

China Bans State Officials and state employees from the use of iPhones.

If you’re trying hard to stop your country from using a certain technology one of the best ways to start is from your diplomats. So China has decided to ban their officials and state employees from using Apple products. This is a move to stop the leak of information from the country.

This comes as no surprise as the US has recently also banned its government officials from using China Tiktok. This is also a move to stop the leak of information from the US into China.

As a way to not make their officials not miss the use of Apple devices Huawei has recently released its new Mate 60 pro smartphone which has been described as a huge competitor to iPhones in the US. iPhones have been aimed at since it’s a technological company from the US. These devices could access local networks and collect environmental data. This is considered as a security threat to the country so why not use a device that you can control?

US on the other hand recently banned its officials from doing business with China tech firms and also stopped doing business with China chip makers.

How Does This Ban affect Apple


This looks like a technological war from the outside but with Apple it’s a huge loss in business. China is one of the main focuses of Apple products and now with this ban in place, Apple is set to lose about 200 billion dollars. Remember that Apple is assembled in China and now with this, it will become harder to send Apple products to China.

With this ban in place, more and more Western-based companies will realize that their devices will be banned as well and they should be making arrangements to take care of this.

This is not a surprise as China has done this same thing with WhatsApp social media before. In case you don’t know China has its own type of WhatsApp for its users not the regular type of WhatsApp. This is a move to control cybersecurity in the country.

Even though after the COVID pandemic business is as usual in China they are putting in measures day in and day out to ban foreign technologies or restrict their access in China. Apple have had to comply with China’s demands for control in the country over the recent years as China contributes to about 20% of Apple's revenue.

With this in mind, China is quickly becoming a hostile environment for foreign businesses which could have a huge impact on their economy.

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