Splinterlands: DEC rewards in ranked battle are almost tanked.

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Splinterlands: DEC rewards in ranked battle are almost tanked.

I am currently playing in Gold 3/Gold 2 and look like DEC win per ranked match is tanked to average of 5 DEC per win.

I feel this much DEC is too less for a ranked win and if I understand the "cube" formula for the ranked win then my guess is that top level player might not be getting more then 50 DEC per win that make less then 1000 DEC for 20 win in a day.

So focusing on chest look more sane choice.

Splinterland's : My Day Today

I got Water quest for the account saachi and Death quest for account r1s2g3 ( and since I ended last season in Diamond so my chests are of "Diamond" level. I claimed 3 and 2 diamond chest respectively for the account saachi and r1s2g3.

Rewards for account saachi

Rewards for account r1s2g3

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