Hive-Naija Weekend Engagement #39 - "Your Personality"

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Just keep being true to yourself, if you’re passionate about something go for it. Don’t sacrifice anything, just have fun.- Blake Lewis.

###### Hello people... it's weekend once again, are y'all ready for some fun engagement? I know you are just as much as I am, today is another day when we don't have to follow all the rules so we don't miss the fun, hehe. So who is ready? I am 😁😎.


As we all know, the Hive Naija Weekend Engagement is focused on promoting the togetherness of the Nigeria brethren together through engagement and it's also now concerned of the well being of each and everyone who is part of the engagement. Last week, this account was opened to make the engagement more personal and official you can find the INTRODUCTION POST to read more about the purpose and aim of this new account and also do well to follow the account so as to know when a post is made.

Last week, the topic was *"Paradigm Shift" and the discussions were awesome, I couldn't help but be proud of you all.

Thank you all for your thoughtful contributions, let's keep them coming ya all.

Some months ago, I thought, I shared and I asked "Why don't we Chat on hive every Weekend?" And you all said... YES

**"Well, we won't be the first as there are some weekend engagement trends already on Hive! But this would be THE NIGERIAN VERSION!"*
Hey there! You need to lighten up your mood, because we are starting soon, hehe...

I will drop a topic every Friday (Today's topic is below), share your thoughts on the matter, reply to someone else opinion, and interrogate the opinion if you like. Keep the discussion on. If you don't have anything to say about the topic. Just reply to someone else's comment.

Do all these in the comment section, as that is where it all goes down.

There are no further rules, please banter as you like, speak any Nigerian language (Igbo, Yoruba, pidgin, Efik), anything, as long as someone else can understand.


Pls note : However, please don't take it to the extreme.


This week's engagement starts Immediately after you see this post and ends on Sunday at 11:59 pm.

Prizes for this week

Prizes are distributed to the winners after considering their interactions and also their contributions to the topic. This week's prizes;

1st prize - 2 Hive + 15 Leo + A very good upvote in a selected post of yours in the week!

2nd Prize - 2 Hive + 10 Leo

3rd Prize - 1 Hive + 10 Leo

4th Prize - 1 HIVE + 5 Leo

5th Prize - 1 Hive + 5 Leo

Prizes courtesy of:

@Samostically - 6 Hive

@leogrowth - 50 Leo

@starstrings01 - Upvote & Curation.

@ksam - 1 Hive

Pls note: **If you win and fail to provide a quality post in 7 days, you forfeit your " quality upvote" (post must be less than 24hours old)*




*So for this week, we want to know;

What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done?

In case you are wondering what spontaneous means, in simple terms it means, something you do without thinking about it first, so we like to know what that is.


  • **

What character do you think you got from your parents, positive or negative?


So many of us have observed in one one way or another that we do things like our parents, it can be our fathers or our mothers, tell us, what is that character you have that you know you got from your parents and tell us what it is and also if you like it or not.

In all of these, just have FUN!!! with the discussion, hehehe.

###### *Don't you think we are forgetting someone?... Well, I'm sure we are...*

Oh yes before I forget, there are also prizes for those that did well to invite someone new to the party and also you that has done well to invite someone you are also not left behind because you didn't leave anyone behind. But wait... Not so fast, this time you have to be more intentional about your invite, yes that's know what you benefit when you engage so why not let others know about it. In fact I will advise you look beyond the prize but look more to doing something different even for your Naija brethren by showing them the way here.

*With all that said, let the discussion begin....


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