Real Estate: A Gold Mine and Avenue for Financial Growth.

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Mr. John having serious financial challenges as his business establishment needed a huge capital to be sustained and his junior brother, Howard got admitted to the foreign school for his masters. Fund is highly important but there's no hope but to sell their late father's house.

Mr Larry have stayed outside the country for many years where he is busy working for better salary and condition. His eye is still at his country of birth for investment opportunities. He wants to multiply his income streams to be financial stable and secure his future with financial freedom. Real estate remains the viable investment opportunity to be explored for greatness and guarantees for his dependants.

A certified realtors acts as a middleman between the investors and sellers of properties for their survival. From their commission which ranged according to the amount of money spent on the property. Real estate is their business venture and open ways for their financial freedom. When he connect Mr. Larry and John for the smooth and successful business transactions. The end result for awesome for both parties as Mr. Larry become the owner of the estate while Mr. John have enough money for his business and financial engagements and realtors enjoys their commission.

From the above scenarios, one can deducts the importance of real estate and financial benefits therein. The need for housing and financial growth makes real estate very lucrative business venture.

Selling of properties like lands and buildings are good source of fund for financial expansion and sustainability. Huge capital is needed for financial growth and real estate can be the source. Despite being an investment of many years ago, real estate does not depreciated but keep increasing in prices as the needs increasing. Although there are challenges, real estate's worth hardly being affected that's why it is highly sought after for financial growth and stability.

Being an investor on real estate comes with many financial benefits. It is a good source of revenue as rents and other forms of money are generated based on the agreement from the activities and occupants of the properties. One advantage of this vital source of income stream is that the rent appreciates, never been depreciated for any reason. High demands for housing and properties for usage and accommodation are reason for the appreciation of the rents for the financial gain for their owners.

Many notable people in the world are provider of homes and our housing services as their source of wealth. The name, Donald Trump, former president of the United States of America rings bell in this aspect of trade as many of his luxurious estate and buildings spans beyond the States and a great business interest with many profits.

Hospitality industry remain one of the viable investment opportunities for many. Many hotels of various categories are homes for many people and businesses. Although it's capital intensive, but it's financial gain is everlasting. Many resort destinations and tourists paradise are thriving and important investment platform for financial growth and stability.

There are other people that benefit from the property sold/bought. Many realtors depend on this income stream for their survival. Many realtors are super wealthy from this kind of trade as it multiplier effect is very high. It's good for them as a business interest and concern.

Government generate a lot of revenue from the various form of estate and properties. Licensing and taxation of various forms are targeted on those properties for fund for the municipal authorities and developmental process. In my area, owners of properties are tenant at will for the government of the day and Source of money for their activities.


Real estate is a gold mine for financial growth and stability. It is a good source of fund for various aspects of human endeavors. Many people depends on it for their survival.

Government betters their territories with good roads and other amenities from the revenue generated from real estate and properties. They can support the infrastructural development for more housing and building for their people and activities.

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