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Immersion Creates Awareness

Anyone who chooses to dive into the Crypto space, will over time, become somewhat knowledgeable. Marry that with a keen understanding of technical analysis and emotional intelligence, and you have the makings of a trading machine. Before Crypto existed, it was often said that the stock market is the one place where anyone can begin with limited capital and eventually amass a fortune. A place where knowledge and the application of that knowledge can triumph.

Consider for a moment, the exceptional growth and performance that takes place within the Crypto market, and you begin to understand just how powerful this idea truly is when applied to the Crypto market. The world often overlooks knowledge and even accuracy. However, the market does not. It’s the one place where you are guaranteed a reward for your knowledge and discernment. “Get it right… and get rewarded”. That’s the policy of the market. Although it can be difficult to consistently realize gains within a limited and predetermined time frame, it is the most independent stance anyone can take.

Recent revelations in relation to FTX have served to prove that nepotism is just as much a reality within the Crypto space as it is anywhere else. There is no perfect industry or sector that manages to eradicate bad actors. These slippery types find their way into every area of business. One of the reasons why I was initially attracted to financial markets in the first place is the fact that you don’t need to impress, sell yourself, or battle the rat race ranks of nepotism and other power structures.

The Ultimate Investment

Simply show up and begin leveraging your knowledge and skill, and begin generating profits, and ultimately, wealth. The only ceiling that exists is your own ability and talent. If you are an excellent trader, you can expect to begin earning an excellent income over time. However, it’s generally not that simple. It often requires years of experience and “hard knocks” to reach a point of significant efficiency. That being said, there are those who have managed to put in the time and dedication and have managed to reach a level of acceptable accuracy in a relatively short amount of time.

It’s different for everyone, I suppose, and some are more naturally inclined toward the disciplined and structured decision-making processes involved with trading. Choosing to invest in yourself first is the best investment you will ever make. How many made fortunes in 2021 and then went on to lose them in 2022? However, having the appropriate knowledge needed to create and generate wealth is something that remains with you. It’s the best investment you can ever make. Gaining trading knowledge and experience is one of the best ways to begin investing in yourself, in my opinion.

It’s a skill that can see you being able to build up capital, even with a nominal base, and without a job, position, or audience. Provided, you have the knowledge and experience, the only barrier you will face is the capital to begin trading. Trading is definitely a truly independent form of income, as well as an uncapped form of income. Two of the most important aspects, in my opinion, outside of passive income.

Final Thoughts

WEB3 encourages independence, and trading is yet another niche that is heavily geared toward the independent digital entrepreneur. It’s a clear trend, society is shifting toward greater independence, especially within the realm of finance. Find the most efficient and beneficial ways to begin investing in yourself… there is no greater act of independence.


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