The Weekly Leofinance AMA (WenSoon Show) Recap - 1/24/23

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Weeks fly by and it feels like we just asked all the Wens, but here we are again with more updates and crypto market chatter

Wens and Soons

Marketing with Merch!

Being the cat was wearing his leofinance t-shirt today we got into a chat about using swag for marketing purposes.

@Khaleelkazi is due to upgrade his wardrobe to leofinance only attire. How do we maximize the impact of that attire though? So we started thinking about catchy slogans to put on shirts that grab attention and then have a QR code on the shirt as well to send people to the website.

Feel free to share any of your slogan ideas, maybe we can get nifty to run a contest!

Leofinance Tattoo?

We went further into advertising and joked about raising leo to fund a leofinance tattoo for a willing party. I bet @l337m45732 (NiftyPhil) would be in the running!

Apps vs Web

The app experience has been a experience of struggling. iOS likes to make it impossible amongst other things that has led to a focus on the web app experience being the go to mode.

It is important to have a good web app that works great on desktop and mobile. Khal mentioned the goal for the web app is for it to basically feel no different than an app experience. Here is an example of what the new UI aims to look like:

There will always be an app as well, but with the fact Apple can just shut you down whenever they want and Web3 not being their favorite - having a robust web app experience is important.

User Sign Up

The reality is most people don't want to learn and handle keys and just want an traditional sign in. A username and good to go or sign in with google and done.

This is how the majority of people will want to experience leofinance, which is fine. Let's bring them aboard.

UI Experience

Speaking of sign up experience there is also the ins and out of the new UI experience. Things like being able to filter and see only specific content or the ability to single out topics not to see is just one of the customizable options coming to the table.

Crypto is Moving Higher, but Wait!

It is nice to see bitcoin moving higher but what does it mean? Are we at the beginning of a new bull market, is it just an oversold bounce or is this just within a big range between 25 to 16k.

So many questions. I like that we are in a position to ask them because the prior few months were not entertaining.

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