#crossculture on Leo Threads (delegation) + Cross Culture News

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It looks like Cross Culture will be receiving a delegation from Leo for promoting the #culture tag at Leo threads.

If you don't know Leo threads already, it's a twitter-like project by Leofinance, opened to not only finance content, but to all topics. Threads are upvotable like Hive posts, but they are on the blockhain as comments, not as posts, so they don't show up on your feed unless you go to your Threads feed on Leo.

I've found that threads makes it easier to connect with people from other communities at hive and creates more bridges between different groups so I'm really excited to help them grow and see if we can grow Cross Culture through this.

At threads you are allowed to promote your posts, but in order to promote more casual discussion, I will be giving priority to threads that are not promotion. Think of it this way, you can get to know people through the discussions and later those people can become your followers and friends on Hive, you don't necessarily need to share every post you make.

0-10% reward - post promotion with some kind of comment

10-20% reward - decent threads without post promo

15%-50% reward - threads that encourage meaningful discussion.

Bonus for people who are leaving good comments on other #culture threads!

Some ideas for #culture threads:

  • photo blogs showing us something from your daily life
  • Culture shock - surprises you have when hearing about other cultures (be polite)
  • Questions for people from other parts of the world
  • movies, film or music that you enjoyed from another culture and why
  • interesting facts about a language or tribe or religion or group with their own culture
  • interesting experiences you had while travelling (with or without pics)
  • language or language study related stuff

I hope that through this we can not only help the #culture tag grow but also the tag for various different countries with communities at hive. Feel free to use the country tag (ie #nigeria #spain #newyork #europe).

The people leaving the best threads consistently over time will receive some rewards every month too!

—- Also worth noting that @starstrings01 has restarted the monthly Cross Culture Contest, where you can win delegation from a 3000 HP pool. Check out the new contest and let us know how globalization has effected your home for better or for worse:

Effects of Globalization Contest

—- Lastly I’ve been busy editing and recording new episodes for a podcast that I host called Untangled Knots which often covers cross cultural topics and is the unofficial (or official?) podcast of this community. I’m putting it up on Spotify and Apple partly in an attempt to bring more eyes to Hive because 60-70% of the guests are Hive users.

We’ve talked a lot about Japan, Venezuela, Indonesia, America, Nigeria and Hong Kong so far as well as many different lifestyles and perspectives within those cultures. We will be talking about other places and lifestyles in the future.

Check it out on:



Google podcasts


—- Glad to be back to Cross Culture Let's get threading ;-)