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Great News!

This AMA format is great, and news about Leofinance is always welcome!

  • The Mobile App Sounds Great!
  • The IDO went great!
  • Everything here is a learning process!
  • It’s finally time for the much awaited Polygon Project
  • Wen Project Blank is less important with Mobile
  • But Wen PB? LOL πŸ˜‚

The UI for Leofinance is pretty awesome

  • Speed
  • Look
  • Miss the price feeds
  • Looking forward to what changes occur with Mobile

Onboarding Czar

  • Perhaps you can pick an onboarding Czar
  • I am creating Hive Academy: a collection of Hive stuff for beginners
  • LeoPedia was cool, I would love to work on returning it to mainstream Leofinance for beginners.
  • I would like to work with Mitch to write some articles about onboarding and the logistics of getting money into the Binance ecosystem as Binance US changes

Take Care Khal


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