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Good day to you. Hope the day is going well for you and it's going well for me also. This weekend is over already but today it's Monday which is also like and off because of the festival and not much work to do at the workplace.

Usually, my day is busy at work and I managed to spend about a few hours on generative AI learning. Generative AI is something that is being implemented in various industries and multiple organizations are exploring the possibilities. It has the potential to automate the activities that are repetitive and there is no point if humans are doing repetition with certain activities which is a non-validation. If bots can do this then I don't think humans should spend time on it rather we can do much better things that can be a great value addition.


I have been working on the Generative AI solutions to implement on operations and it is a project that I am leading. It's going to be a long project because there is a lot that needs to be automated through artificial intelligence technology and the module that will be used is generative AI.

Now the chat GPT which is the first ever generative AI tool is getting more smarter. You can say it's going to the next level with the future upgrades. We already have chat get version 4 but it is available on subscription. You can experience the next level of chat GBT only if you are ready to pay for the subscription however 3.5 version is available for free. There is no fee that you need to pay for chat GPT version 3.5 version.

With all the advancements happening in the world of AI, several experts are also talking about AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), a concept where machines can understand the world as much as humans do and act on their own.


This sounds exciting because the AI-based chatbot will be able to understand human emotion and I think this can be a great addition to the existing version of Chat GPT. Tech people are working on it to add more functionality and make it more innovative. With the addition of such features, it is going to be much more helpful and the scope of the AI chatbot will expand further. It can also be a good product to invest in by the enterprises because they are going to get very nice outcomes after this investment. Big companies don't hesitate to invest in technology if it can generate good value for their business.


For example, some big ERP software are very expensive but companies buy them because they add value to their business. Set soft tears also help them manage their task smoothly and saves a lot of money on manual work as well as reduces manpower cost. Now I think the same is going to happen through artificial intelligence technology.

Please note that it is in the early days and the best use case of the generating AI chatbot has not been released yet. It's too early to say what we are going to see in the future that will come through artificial intelligence technology. All I can see is that the technology is highly advanced and there is a lot of development happening by tech companies. We can expect something great to come our way in the next few years which will just transform many things for individuals as well as for organizations.

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