Markets nosedive…. Nothing can avoid the monkey hammering…

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Afternoon everyone ….

The markets are splashing in red everywhere you look today. It’s a sea of red…

Everything is getting monkey hammered…

The DOW is down nearly 600 points, the NASDAQ is down over 200 points. Bitcoin is at $18,800, and it’s struggling to hold.

Gold is down just under $25, currently sitting at $1,647. The resistance level was $1,660 which has been breached and is holding. If this manages to hold, Monday could be a very ugly market day.

Silver is down $.75 currently, which has it at $18.86. While I know we’ve seen lower fairly recently, if silver drops and holds below the support level of $18.50 the downward spiral could be really bad.

One good thing is that these numbers will hold all weekend. So if you are in the buying market and can find decent premiums it good be a buying opportunity. It all depends on whether you believe these are the new lows or not….

Here are screenshots of the markets.

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