Arcadian (2024) - Vision of a Post Apocalyptic World

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The story follow Paul’s and his twin son Thomas and Joseph, living in a remote farm, away from any kind of conflict. The world has an excess of pollution caused by humans but the worst in that are also some creatures that now are living in the planet, those monsters hunt and kill any living beings in their path. Paul and his sons daily routines are almost the same, looking wood in the forest, drive for the farms fields to see is something new or different happen and reinforce all the system of barriers Paul’s has created to keep the house secure during the night, there’s also an important rule that they most follow be in the house before sunset to be safe. Despite all the rules Paul sons are teenager and as teenager they are not extent of do stupid things even though the world is ending. Thomas has visited a location where he met Charlotte and they create a nice relationship, she live in a fortified community and Thomas go there every time he can until one day something unexpected happen Thomas doesn’t arrive to his house on time because he felt into a slit and find himself trapped in the woods in the night, afraid for what could happen to his son Paul’s didn’t think to much and leave the house in search of Thomas and Joseph is going as well to save his brother. When they finally found Thomas he was surrounded by a monsters, Paul decided to create a distraction so his sons can run together away from there but while doing that Paul get injured and the monster attacked him so his sons fight against them and save his father and start looking for help. Since this moment Paul, Thomas and Joseph decided that they are tired of hiding and decided to fight for their freedom and their life. We are going to witness a family union fighting together embracing fear, darkness, courage and hope.

The movie was directed by Benjamin Brewer a director that is a visual effects specialist and that has a fabulous way to make the cast work in a healthy environment, leading the cast is Nicholas Cage as Paul, the father that will fight and die if it is necessary for his sons, also an actor that welcomed the younger generation of actors that work with him in this movie. Arcadian will premiered on April 12th, in theaters.

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Behind the Scenes with Director Benjamin Brewer

Benjamin Brewer is an American director, screenwriter and visual effects specialist. Brewer is known for the movie The Trust 2016, a crime thriller starring Nicholas Cage and Elijah Wood, in that movie they explores the dark world of corrupt cops and botched robbery, he also participated in the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once 2023 as the visual effects specialist and in 2023 he directed the short A Folded Ocean. In addition to his work the director has directed music videos such as 2U of David Guetta feat Justin Beaber and Where Are U Now of Skrillex & Diplo feat Justin Beaber. Now in this project the director is bringing with horror story, working for second time with Nicholas Cage in a very unique role as a single father, with this movie Brewer wants to give to the audience a not only horror also action, suspense and the importance of the family.


The World of Arcadian

The world of Arcadian is set in a post apocalyptic world where Paul’s with his twin sons Thomas and Joseph are trying to survive. During the day Paul’s work to reinforce the system of barriers and locks that are in the house because during the night the monster try to enter the house. Paul’s create rules for them like they all must be in the house before sunset to be safe but one day Thomas doesn’t returned home on time forcing Paul leave their shelter to search for him, at the moment that Paul found Thomas he was surrounded by monsters so he decided to create a distraction to save his son life, the same work but Paul ended very injured forcing the kids to take of them and his dad and creating in the trio a frustration and the same time strength to fight for a better life. Each night to the work this monsters bring darkness, tension, terror and the uncertainty to know where do these monsters come from and if will be an opportunity for humankind.


Critical Reception and Audience Expectations

The critics for the movie are mixed, some are pleased with the great performance that Nicolas Cage gives in this new role and a different one as a single father taking care of their twin sons in a broken world. Also the young actors Jaeden Martell and Maxwell Jenkins create a great synergy giving excellent performances. In addition, the critics mention that the CGI, the action scenes and the creation of the monster were well done with a unique design. But as always, not everything is perfect. One thing that is mention is the lack of information in the movie such as what the monsters are, why they appeared?, where they are coming from?, what is the kind of relationship that Paul’s has with his sons?, why only they are in the house?, many questions that are unanswered, but despite those questions, the truth is that the movie has good critics and the audience seems to be really excited to see how the monsters look and how father and sons are going to live and survive in that world.


The Arcadian (2024) Cast

The movie is lead by the legendary actor Nicholas Cage as Paul. Cage is known for his versatile performances in films such as Gone in 60 Seconds of 2000, Ghost Rider 2007, National Treasure 2004 and City of Angels 1998. He is an actor that has won an Academy Awards, a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild Award and was also nominated for two BAFTA Awards. Jaeden Martell plays Joseph, Paul’s teenage son. He is known for his role as Bill Denbrough in the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel It and the 2019 sequel. He also appeared in the movie Knives Out 2019 and the miniseries Defending Jacob 2020. Maxwell Jenkins completes the trio as Thomas, Paul’s other teenage son. He is known for his role as Will Robinson in the TV series Lost in Space, also for his role as Joseph Bell in the true story of Joe Bell 2020 and in 2021 he was cast in the series Jack Reacher as the young version of him. Sadie Soverall joins the cast as Charlotte. She is an English actress known for the films Rose Plays Julie 2019, Little Bone Lodge 2023 and Saltburn 2023 and on television, she is known for her role in the Netflix series Fate: The Winx Saga 2021.

Arcadian is another movie that brings monster to this world that want to destroy the human race, humankind is really so bad?, apparently yes because many writers and filmmakers want us dead but well. Remembering the audience the world of Last of US and A Quite Place, now Arcadian is giving Paul’s, a single dad with his twin sons living in a far away farm, trying to live a peaceful life in the world were only humans can walk during the day because when the moon is in the sky the monster take the control of the land. Nicholas Cage is Paul’s, the guardian father that is trying to do his best to keep save his children, two teenagers that not only want don’t want to stay home, they want to meet with other survivors and have the most “normal” life and experiences that an teenager can have, even though is the end of the world. This movie is going to show one more time the unlimited love that a father have for a son, the power of survival a human can embrace to safe what he love and the conviction to create a future for his next generation, also the director is going to take them to the limits to achieve their goals in a world where every thing seems to be lost. A movie full of horror, tension, action but overall family love.

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