The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live: Become - Season 1 - Episode 5 - RECAP

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I don't like what has become of this spin off for the last two episodes and I have my suspects of whats going to happen on the last episode, I just hope they are not that stupid to have Rick and Michonne single handle destroy the CRM on a single episode, I based this assumption on the advance scenes at the end of episode five, it shows Rick and Michonne back at Philadelphia, CRM HQ; looks like they taking the place down.

It looks like there is a second season although feels like they rushing things just too much or may be just me getting the wrong idea, I hope I'm wrong about it; six episode is nothing for a season, some might say its just two episodes shorter than the last two spin off first season but in two episodes the entire perspective of the story can change specially been episodes over 45 minutes that is half an average movie duration. Episode five feels like one of those episodes to kill time and explain part of the back story and that they did with all the kissing and loving for the first part of the episode then something almost similar with Anne aka Jadis, I simply didn't like this episode neither, its a real buzz killer since the season started so good and then it is just a downtrend in terms of lack of action, cruelty, treason and cruelty, after all that is what sells on TWD not loving and kissing.

Source As mention in the introduction lots of smiling, kissing and making out between Michonne and Rick, not that I don't want them to be happy on the story is just that we already had an entire episode of them arguing and kissing, can you just give them a new challenge? something that actually entertain because that's the truth, I wanted to watch loving and kissing would watch another series.


I do like that this episode same as on other spin off gave us a different type of Zombie, like on Daryl Dixon spin off; walkers have mutated based on their environment surrounding both physical and behavior, this time a rock solid Zombie type shows up, they are still easy to beat if you have the right tools in this case rick has a iron fist so he can crack the outside of the zombie head while Michonne stab it with a iron bar, I would say this Zombies are also heavier so they are slower, that makes me think if they are heavier and rotten how can they stand still? probably this was a fresh one.


Rick and Michonne saved some locals who were fighting this Zombie, they explain how they have change because of the steam vents, not sure how that process works though, there are also some other zombies who are almost like melted because of the heat.

All this loving and kissing got Rick and Michonne weak and slow, they were moving around in a YELLOW pickup truck you can see from far away and throwing Ramen wraps on the road, they also gave the locals food after saving them but that's normal since its the right thing to do although they did try to steal from them back minutes latter when they could pick up their guns, that didn't go well for them, when it comes to fight Rick and Michonne set the bar very high even if they have no guns.


At least they didn't entirely set the episode on fire an brought something interesting that will have some value in the future probably, Jadis was not always Jadis, she was once Anne an artist, she was also part of many other groups or communities in the past, as Anne she was in love with Gabriel, I remember him from the OG series, the guy was not always sane but he was OK. Jadis join the CRM because she was basically broken, she could not stand seen other community go down so this time around she wanted to be in control and power, thats what she gets out of the CRM and some how she was the only one to escape without others noticing at least once a year to meat with Gabriel, this shows she is smarter or at least better than Rick when you have to be cold and calculate things properly without feelings in the way.


That is exactly why she finds Rick and Michonne after their helicopter crash, even after they shoot a rocket to the building Anne/Jadis could not believe that it was so easy to kill Rick and Michonne, she knows them too well and knows they are warriors, survivors over all though to kill so she kept looking, follow the clues, the cans and ramen wrap on the road, the yellow truck missing on the crash scene, she knew they were alive until she quickly found them and almost got rid of them but she just talk too much, she miss her advantage and got cocky waking them up and giving them a speech before trying to kill them, its two against one, you cant shoot to places at the same time, one of them going to run or jump you and that is exactly what happen.


Jadis pulls the trigger and Michonne jump her, fuck her up badly on he rips area, Jadis enter desperate mode, loosing lot of blood, this is the type of entertaining I'm looking for not two episodes full of arguing and kissing.

It was obvious Jadis was going to die unless they come up to an agreement but she was just too cocky and proud, she wanted them dead, specially Rick so in disadvantage and hurt still tries to front Rick and pull a gun on him after she ask for temporary truce.

During this hole argument and Mexican stand up, there was the argument to go back to the CRM and change it, this idea came from the least one I though would say it, I even though she was trying to distract Jadis but Michonne meant it, she wants to go back with Rick so he can keep moving into the ranks until they have enough access to weapons and information, they could build a plan and kill say most of the high ranks on the CRM.

I really don't know whats going to happen next, the idea of going back coming from Michonne got me out of balance, never saw that one coming and at first you can tell neither Rick but seems that's the plan, Jadis is not on their way anymore and she told them where is their file. I suppose they go back, Rick goes up in the ranks and Michonne moves from citizen too although lets not forget that Pearl mindset has change after her promotion, she is now all in CRM and even if they manage to kill Major Beale they still have to deal with Pearl, she is a bad ass too that can bring on the fight, Rick probably is underestimating her or might think that she will join them, I hope not because then it would be just too easy for Rick and Michonne bring down the CRM.

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