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Well with the last post ever on the @skylinebuds-weed account or at least giveaway post but likely will be just shutdown. I am now welcoming everyone to the new curation project @skylinebuds aka me is working on.

If you followed the other account you will know that I love to curate lots of different types of posts, Lots of posts that I find should be earning more so I help in any way I can.

With the last account, I sent out 1 big weed payment to everyone that was delegating. I sent 88.8 weed and 2 wavi to everyone that delegated over 100 weed. So some of you got massive returns on this delegation and I hope they will move them over to this account.

I am going to be doing some of the same with daily curation and giveaway posts, along with some weekly curation. When I do these posts they will not always be the best of the day but IMO some that are under rewared.


that was a small intro about the curation and giveaways but how about the delegation and rewards RIGHT!!! Well, I will be doing them of course of this account as well, I am going to break down what I am offering for delegations.

The 4 tokens I am going to focus on at the start are SPT, ONEUP, WEED, THGAMING. With these 4 tokens they seem to be the most content I curate with minus tokens like PIMP but I might add that token later on.

So the breakdown will be as follows: 50% Is powered up (This is for the projects that payout 100, So to still gain power in those tokens.


25% Will be given back to delegators ( This seems small but with post payouts and curation rewards this should equal to more than just curation rewards) 10% Will be placed in a liquid pool on beeswap 10% Will be sold to Swap.Hive (This is only till the account has enough liquid hive) 5% Sold to DEC, Starbits, BUDS, Crop, Tokens for giveaways.

That covers these rewards, Now to the bonus rewards,

I will be sending out random tokens once a week, These might now equal too much but I will be sending $1 of tokens a week to start till the pool of tokens grows and I slowly up the rewards.

The second bonus reward for delegating is 1 extra entry into the contest for each token delegation over the following

WEED - 100 ONEUP - 50 SPT - 500 THGAMING - 500

So if you delegate one or all 4 you can earn 1 to 4 extra entries into the contests, earn Curation Rewards, And Receive Random Tokens Weekly.

Daily Giveaway

With that boring part out of the way, HAHA It is time to introduce the giveaways, So much the same as before but some small changes check it out. Rules:

  1. Double Account is Ban
  2. One Comment Per Human
  3. Leave In-Game Name In Comment ( No Name No Chance To Win)
  4. Have Fun

Enjoyed but not required is a Reblog

Daily Prizes -

  • 1-5 People Join - 1 Common Splinterlands + 25 THGaming Tokens
  • 6-10 People Join - Prize 1 + 1 Rising Star + 25 THGaming Tokens
  • 11-20 - Prize 1 + 1 Hashkings NFT + THGaming Tokens
  • 21-30+ Prizes 1,2,3 and 100 THGAMING Tokens

Ping List @amaillo-m,@blitzzzz,@johnweed,@happyfrog420-new,@luizeba,@cdwc,@greenhouseradio,@mizuosemla,@dyson-the-booper,@dubble,@bacon-dub,@falcout,@henster,@phaeton,@trashyomen,@supriya.gup


Make sure to go check out these great posts, Some are under-rewarded and some are just great posts that I recommend reading.

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