Hive Curation OR Layer 2 Curation - How do you vote?

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Hive Curation

With this new curation account @skuration, I have come to realize a few things plus I still got ALOT more to figure out. Curation is the joy of using our stake here on the hive blockchain. We get to tip authors rewards on posts and comments while earning some rewards ourselves. The thing is we can earn more or less depending on how we vote and on what front-end we vote from.

With hive, it seems voting with most of your voting percent but never going below 81% but never letting it hit 99% is best.

We can see from the photo above that I am currently sitting around 11% for rewards, Now this is actually really good as most times I check I sit around 6-7%. But see last week when I would have been curating for this I was never going above that 99% mark and always using my voting percent to 82% at night time.

This has had me thinking of the best way to hit 11% all the time or maybe even push towards 12% so I would make a total of 14-15% APR on my hive power and well in the end earn more curation rewards. Well if you are still following I am going to try to do this daily and see if I can maintain the curation reward week after week.

Layer 2 Curation

Now when it comes to voting on hive with 1 account this can really become a problem with the layer 2 tokens on hive-engine. The reason I am saying this is when you vote with 100% on say leofinacne you are also voting 100% with your hive power. That means that I am never fully using most of my voting power for the tokens like SPT, ONEUP, PIMP, LEO, WEED, and so forth.

I have found a way to be able to use WEEED and LEO to the full voting power daily and earn max curation rewards, This is done open @leodex. With some of the tokens, you can head to the leodex rewards tab and change these. Now as I said only a few tokens allow this and maybe the @leofinance team and help us get more tokens.

I can't find an easy tool to show the hive-engine curation percent, So if anyone knows of some please let me know in the comment, Also what percent can you hit on curation, and with what kind of voting pattern?

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