Investors Shrug off PsyberX Demo -- LVL Price drops! 🤷🤷🤷

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Investors lose their "Unbridled Optimism" over the PsyberX Release Demo, as the LVL price falls "moar" & fails to pump!

Here is a roundup of the latest events surrounding the long-awaited PsyberX demo. Investors don't seem convinced just yet about the validity of the project after the “founder only release” of the demo game, citing an incomplete demo lacking multiplayer, along with no"proof" of NFT integration, lack of LVL token integration, as well as NPCs that "aren't too bright according to one founder!" source @bearbear613

What happened to the multiplayer demo?

A bug ate the multiplayer demo, meaning the PsyberX team must have simply forgotten to back up their work for two and a half weeks before publishing the multiplayer and losing it all. In my opinion, this type of excuse does not install my confidence in the developers and is exactly the sort of thing that would be better off unsaid. The quote below comes from PsyberX direct:

"With transparency in mind, we wish to share that we had a setback that is preventing us from sharing the version with Multiplayer. While updating data with UnReal Engine 5 and its supporting programs, some of our most recent data was deleted, erasing about 2.5 weeks worth of work and creating some errors that should not be there." Source HIVE @psyberx blog

Hopefully, the team learns their lesson and backs up their work more often next time so they don't lose any more time to developing. If it is a bug, I'd love to hear what UnReal Engine 5 developers have to say about it.

Not everyone's convinced just yet, and for good reason!

I'm not the only one who has doubts, basically, all we have here is a rough draft of an FPS video game that may or may not have anything to do with a blockchain, which is the key aspect of what supposedly makes this game unique. Until at least a few of the "Psyber Crates" NFTs are enabled, and a live demo with the LVL token is released, users will continue to have doubts and the price of LVL will not moon. Here's what one reputable fellow hivean' @trumpman (below) has to say on the matter... ue.

Other Relevant Concerns...

@melbournewest brought up an interesting point about the demo only being available to early investors could impact the game's success by creating an uneven advantage for them and cause the normal users to get "rekt all the time"

The market just isn't buying it either:

At the end of the day, all that really matters is that investors are making money and are happy. This isn't the case with LVL yet, as we've yet to see a spike since the release, we did however see some more dumps. Currently, the price is sitting just off of the lows, the invisible hand of the market is holding the price of LVL down until the demo gets these problems worked out and investors are able to "trust this shit!" lol

Overall since the demo release I still have yet to see any of the founders stream it on Twitch, I’m not sure where all the excitement went, but if anyone knows some links to founders that are streaming this demo, please let me know in the comments below because I ’l love to check it out, and would even like to watch one of their recorded streams.

For full disclosure, I do hold some LVL tokens and really hope the project takes off eventually. Hopefully, my critical review won't discourage the DEVS, but will help them improve with an honest assessment. Just because I invested in this project doesn’t mean I will succeed by being biased making one-sided crap posts about "LVL to the moon", so if you want to read more truthful posts about HIVE games and projects, certainly more LVL posts (hopefully we can get more positive again in the future) then please send me an upvotes and also be sure to follow @soonlambo for more!

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