Building Home : Innocent mind of Child [DIY - Minimalist]

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"A child can always teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to be always busy with something and know how to demand with all his might what you want.” – Paulo Coelho

There is no other better way to stay happy than spending time with any kids. Their innocence and smile is enough to make us happy. Every child is special and unique, they have different ability to do things. They have mind that does not require to be moulded rather it is important to let them to explore and unfold of their own. Todsy, I made the most of it by playing with little kids. And throughly enjoy her level of imagination. She wanted to build a castle for herself and her family and ended up building this with some useless things.

When I said useless, i meant it!. The problem of village kids are that they are not blessed to live a luxurious or Cozy life like a rich city kids. They keep themselves busy with something or other, or by playing with their limited resources. But they keep it productive, like this one where the boys were playing with mud and made different artefacts of their own. This time I was involved in making a palace for the kid totally as per her imagination, literally using everything of useless things just to make her happy.

I am very impressed with the way the 8 years old kid describe her fancy thought of building a home of her choice. She wanted to have a big lawn, a big tree, a drawing room, a wash room, a kitchen and a bedroom where she will live with her parent.

Never let the kid in yourself die and make sure to take care of it whenever needed

I thought this is the best time go into my own childhood, where I alwsys ended up messing my dream home. Making sure not to mess much, she kept on describing things about her dream home and I kept designing it whatever little things I got. The most precious thing in this world is to bring smile on the face of a child. If you are thinking of using #lego or other toys, I wanted to remind that this home is made up of waste materials or broken pieces.

*What all ineeded to make one such grand home? I made use of :

  • Dominos wooden pieces,

  • empty match box

  • cloth clips

  • mobile adapter

  • bottle caps

  • marbles

  • pistacheos cover,

  • custard apple seeds

  • other miscelleneous stuff.

Okay...I will take you on a complete tour, with whatever she wanted me to build.
Firstly, she wanted a long pathway to her home, with one diversion that take her to an open area part in front of the house. So I made use of Pistacheos hard cover and custard apple seeds lying in her home to make the pathway. It appears to be like a pebbles on either side of the path.

Secondly, she wanted to build a big boundary wall tonher compound for safety. So I made use of the Dominos wooden pieces to cover the entire outer area.
She wanted to have a large sitting area on the left side of the building entrance with sofas, and TV, and some furniture. I made use of the Dominos wooden pieces to make sofas, a magnetic sticker as centre table, a broken toy as light atbthe corner, and a remote battery cover as TV.

You never become old, if you carry your childhood with you. I was enjoying the moment as much as she was enjoying. She was too excited and me too making it a palace for her. I know many considerinv it an insane work and waste of time. But bringhing a little smile on kids face is priceless*. I carried on with whatever she was wanted in her home.
After finishing her sitting area, she wanted to make a grand kitchen, where her mom will cook for her. And Here I am. I made use of a useless mobile adaptor as refrigerator *(right bottom corner), a gas stove (left top corner), a wash basin (bottom left corner) and some furniture for utensils and other stuffs. I made use of empty matchstick boxes. A sharpener, wooden Dominos pieces were also used.

Now she wants to have a big bedroom for her family with big bed and some closets. I separated tye kitchen with Dominos piece to take put space for bedroom. She made use of cloth clips as the parents sleeping on the bed. It was all with her imagination. And I am just enjoying being a child for her. Again I made use of some empty boxes for her closets and cupboard.

She also asked me to build a separate washroom, which I made just opposite to the sitting area, I missed to snap it separately, but if you will see the actual pic, you find it right there, with a big bathing tub and showers

I cannot expected a better Sunday than this. Full of fun and enjoyment and I took out time to make it special for this little kid. I ended up with building a grand home for the kid. She was struggling to decide how to build it. But find a good support in me but she has a fancy image on her mind. And I just helped my way to make a grand home for her. It also shows how village kids are so minimalist in their approach and remain happy with little things.

PS: All images are my own, edited due some reason


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