My Splinterlands: Two Gladius Cases

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Greetings, everyone!

Over the last many week I collected enough MERITS for 2 Gladius Cases, and today was the time to open them:

Unfortunate I do not have time to fight in the Guild Brawls, so my usage of the Gladius cards is limited battles with the Conscript rules.

Looking at the cards that I found today in the two packs, Katrelba Gobson is the most interesting one. All the common gold foil starts at level 3, which gives this card some very interesting attributes. With double strike and sneak in addition to the bloodlust of all the Gladius cards, if it manages to break through the rear guard of the enemy, very fast this card can become very dangerous:

I will be looking now to see how fast I can grow my Lobb Lowland summoner. It will decrease the speed of all the enemy monster, and will enable Katrelba Gobson to be played in any game.

A fatal combination, don't you think?

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