In Hong Kong for a Late Evening Walk

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I've been away for a few days. I've been waiting for an opportunity to leave home and finally get to go out and explore again. As I mentioned in the previous update post I made, I've been wanting to start creating different content. Mostly I do gaming content as you all probably know but I always wanted to do more traveling posts too and with that comes photography.

If you've ever read any of my previous travel posts, you'd know that I always used to complain about my phone camera not being great and the photos being pretty disappointing. Well, now I've finally got myself a proper camera and although I am still only learning how to use it, I think my photos have definitely improved since then.

I went to Hong Kong for a few days to visit a friend and it was amazing there. It was my first time in this beautiful city and I had for the first time ever planned every day of the stay. We'll start with the first day when I arrived in the late evening.

My hotel was in an area called Tsim Sha Tsui which is a very popular place for tourists. As I mentioned, I came in pretty late so I didn't have much time to do things and decided to take a walk down the Avenue of Stars. This avenue which goes along the Victoria Harbour waterfront is modelled on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. You'll have plaques there of all the stars from the region with names like Jackie Chan and of course Bruce Lee. One of which actually had a statue as well.

It's a beautiful place to go for an evening stroll and enjoy the beautiful lights around the waterfront. There are also a lot of boats driving past all the time which you can go on a ride with if you so choose. I opted for the walk since I had been sitting on a plane and then on a train for the whole day. There's also museums in this area that are definitely worth checking out like the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Hong Kong Space Museum which sadly I didn't get a photo of.

The boats that drive by can be normal yachts but there were also a few sailboats that looked a bit more traditional and added to the vibe a lot. If I hadn't come into the city so late, I might have gone for a ride. Here you can see the different types of boats I meant.

I didn't spend too much time down by the waterfront that night. Mostly due to me not having realized that Hong Kong is a lot colder than Bangkok is and I was there in a T-shirt freezing haha. The views were so pretty though that I needed to get some good photos before leaving to get back to the hotel for a good night's sleep.

So I want to finish this post by saying that I am having a lot of fun with my new camera. I have tons that I still need to learn and the same goes for the post processing. I am taking it slow though and trying to learn as much as I can on both sides so that next time I go out, I can take even better photos. I also wanted to end the post with my favorite photo of the evening. I liked this one a lot.

So that's it for my travel post today. I spent a few more days exploring this huge city and got to see some pretty cool stuff. I also went to a place I never thought I would want to go but I am always up for new experiences so I thought what the heck. You'll see more on that in my next posts. Hope you like the photos and please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Peace, Straw