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Here we are in the second week of the new year and it's time to lay down some goals. In the process of doing this I have decided to clean up my portfolio.

My Token Goals 2022

Last year I had a pretty little chart and strived to reach a certain number of tokens I wanted to hold in my portfolio for various reasons. Some of them I made it, some of them came very close and some of them was just too far out of reach. So this year I'm taking a different approach to what I want and how I plan to get there. There will still be pretty charts and all but that will come later.

If you remember my chart '[TokenGoalsfor2021](Token Goals for 2021)' I listed out what I wanted and each week I showed what I earned/purchased and how far I had to go. This year I'm looking more at what I want at the time of year, how I plan to get there, and what I accomplish each week.

As for the tokens I like to achieve this year are many and what I'm into at the moment will alter my purchases. On thing I plan is to buy mostly the tokens that I can not earn and earn as much as possible of the tokens that are earnable. I plan to be much more active than I have been in the past.

Right now my focus is heavily on #listnerds and #ctp tokens. I'm really into the gaming side of things as I like to spend a lot of time playing games, so that also sets my sights on #spt, #sps, #dec which are all tokens connected to the widely playing game #splinterlands. I'm looking forward to the newest game #chifibots, with a little interest also in #ragnarok. I also presently play #risingstar, #rabona, #cryptobrewmaster, #dcrops, and a few games on Wax and Womplay. So of course I'll be building and watching my progress in these games and tokens as well.

I like the idea of income and tipping tokens so I will keep up with those and report my progress from time to time.

Cleaning Up My Portfolio

Being into income tokens that often pours drips of what is called shit tokens into your wallet, not to mention airdrops of all the new stuff that has happened or is going to happen.

These tokens just sit in your wallet and collect dust as they have very little value (as do all tokens when they first hit the market), no use case, and mean absolutely nothing.

So I am swaping out everything I can! Over the last few days I have swapped out so many tokens and still only accumulated a few swap.hive for them. I used to buy large quanities of any token that fell into my wallet and staking them, hoping for it to get some value. As a result of this my portfolio has a bunch of staked tokens that seem to have gone nowhere in the last year. Some of these tokens will build again since they drip from income tokens. Maybe someday they'll have some value but right now they're just little pieces to help me get something I want, powering down and swaping out.

What would you do to get what you want?

Well for me, the answer is easy but the actions were hard. Well unfortunately, I have no fiat to bring to the table in my time of need and needed to find a way to get my hands as many #listnerd t tokens as possible. So what I did, I had to talk to myself and remind myself that I could get back what I swapped out.

Listnerds is a token, (like a miner) that can only be earned by staking your tokens in the Listnerds platform, so of course I want as many as I can get my hands on to start with. If you're wondering what's this all about, well listnerds is a mailer platform that pays you to send emails & read emails. Listnerds used to be just a regular website used by many marketers to advertise their business. Now Listnerds is relaunching on January 13, 2022, (brought to you by @jongolson, @blainjones, & @elianaicgomes) and will be unlike any mailer you've ever seen or heard of. It is now built on the block chain and instead of earning credits to send your email you will earn Crypto currency (#listnerds & #ctp).

Back to what I did .....

I actually swapped out some of the very tokens that I worked so hard to get last year.


Because I needed a way to get my #listnerds now and there was no time to wait for powering down all those shit tokens in my wallet that probably wouldn't amount to much anyway.

I let go of some very valuable tokens, but I'll get them back in the future. Tokens like #ctpsb. #bee, #bro, #dhedge, #sim, & #utopis. It was very hard for me to let these go but they were the most valuable tokens that gave me a great return in hive. The thing is I'm not done yet! I have til Thursday morning to get as many #listnerds as I can, so anything might happen. I know what I won't be getting rid of though, #ctp #index, #spt SPS DEC VOUCHER certain income & tipping tokens.

I am a #hodler but no need of hodling on to something that's worth very little especially when you've held onto it for nearly a year and it never did anything.

Exciting things are happening in 2022! Will YOU be there?

See Ya at the happenings!!

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