10 Things That Will Be Gone By 2035

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Many of us look out into the future to try and determine where things are going. It is always fun to guess what is going to take place. What will be a part of society while estimating what will not.

Over the last couple decades we saw many changes that took place. It radically shifted how we interact. For example, at the turn of the century, we did not have smartphones. This introduced us to the concept of mobile computing. We also were not very advanced with our Internet usage, something that is not the case today.

Therefore, in this article I will spell out 10 things in our lives today that will be gone by 2035.

1. Physical Newspapers/Magazines

This is something that is already nearing the point of death. However, there are still many hanging on, mostly due to demographics. We see a lot of older people still prefer the physical item. This is something that is going to diminish as these people pass away.

While online versions will still be available, they will not carry the same clout as they do today. There is enormous competition online for attention and the traditional entities are losing the battle of the numbers.

2. Car Dealerships

The transportation industry is undergoing major changes right now. The biggest one that is evident is the switch to electric. This will be outpaced by the next major innovation: autonomous vehicles.

Here we will see a radical adjustment in how cars are sold. Tesla, Rivian, and newer companies are all selling direct. It is only a matter of time before the other manufacturers realize they have to follow suit. At the same time, if more vehicles end up in a robotaxi network, this will reduce the overall sales volume. None of this bodes well for the long-term outlook of traditional car dealerships.

3. Screens

We interact with the Internet in a 2 dimensional manner. Most everything we do is through some type of screen. This extends to our entertainment including television and films.

With the emergence of 3-D technologies, this is all going to change. The Internet will become spatial and mixed reality the norm. Hence we will encounter information and entertainment in a completely different manner.

Watching through a screen will be eliminated.

4. Copiers/Printers

This is something that was a mainstay for society the last 40 years. However, it is quickly dying off. Information is now digital, meaning the need to print and copy it is going by the wayside.

Businesses are creating information in digital form these days. That means any transmission and storage is done in that realm. While the coper replaced the pool of typists with carbon paper, software is going to replace the copier.

5. Toll Booths

We see these on most major highways. Here is another aspect of society that technology is already affecting.

Many governments are now taking pictures of license plates, then sending a bill for the tolls amassed. At the same time, we also see electronic passes which allow people to load up with money and use as a moving debit card.

Whatever the methodology, we will not have toll booths in the future.

6 Smart Phones

This is similar to screens but it does deserve its own category. It had one of the most profound impacts upon society so its demise will naturally affect it again.

We are merging with our technology. Not only will screens disappear but computing will cease to be something that is separate from us. Down the road, we are going to see the computational power on (or even in) us. Wearables will become the norm as our clothing, glasses, and even jewelry will have computational abilities.

7. Broadcast Television

This is another century old industry that is about to come crashing down. Here again we see the demographics involved. We are now in the age of streaming and applications which does not serve the broadcast television industry going forward.

More people are "cutting the cord", leaving cable operators increasingly dependent upon their Internet revenues. This does not feed into the traditional broadcast model. We see a lot more competition vying for our attention. The 2010s saw major damage placed upon this industry; the 2020s will just about kill it off.

8. Physical Keys

For centuries, this was a central aspect of the security of our property. The simple lock is what provided for access. Hence, the key was the ticket to entry.

As with many things, technology is appearing that is going to make this disappear. We are already seeing a variety of ways to access our different devices that do not utilize the physical key system. This is already extending to things such as cars. Not long, it will be the same with our homes and offices.

9. Bank Branches

This is the third area that I attribute most to demographics. There are still some business use cases but as the use of physical cash diminished, so does the need for bank branches.

We are already seeing closures starting to happen. This will accelerate as more people use online applications (even crypto). Much of the traditional banking business was diverted elsewhere. It is a move that will end up with the closure of the thousands of bank branches we see.

10. Death

This is done with a bit of levity. It is doubtful we will have immortality by 2035 (if ever). However, is likely that we will see our lifespans, on average, radically extended by that time.

For those who are younger, perhaps there is an overcoming of death in your lifetime. As for those of us who are a bit older, maybe we can squeeze out another decade or two of quality health.

So there it is. 10 things that will be gone by 2035.

Consider how this all will affect your lives, career, and investing opportunities.

What are your thoughts? Are there some others that stand out to you?

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