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A lot is made about marketing and getting the word out about Hive. The problem with this wide approach is the target audience. A major part of marketing is finding your target and catering your message to them. With Hive, we have so many different interests arising that is hard to capture one or two ideas.

However, the same is not true for the applications. The audience for STEMGeeks, as an example, is pretty straightforward. We can also see the same being true for Splinterlands. Each has a base they will cater to even if there could be some overlap.

Utilizing established social media can be a great way to attract new users to our applications. Splinterlands did a terrific job at this. Their numbers great a tremendous amount last year. This, naturally, all feeds into Hive.

Listnerds is an application that was recently released which can also be used for this purpose.

A Marketing Piece To Market

It is interesting to think about the dynamic that exists on Hive. We are social media, thus we have the ability to put together materials ourselves. Essentially, each post can be its own marketing piece.

Listnerds, is a tool that allows content creators to promote what they are doing. It is a self-contained email platform that allows people to volunteer to receive emails. Of course, through tokenization, people are incentivized to read them. Over time, the goal is to have a built in audience for people to promote to.

So far, many users have opted to send out their Hive posts through this system. From the early results, it seems like a successful way to garner attention. The number of comments appears to increase, most likely garnering more upvotes.

This project is tied to Hive through the use of the account management system. Anyone who wants to participate in the tokenization aspect of the project requires a Hive account. Also, it uses the CTP and newly created LISTNERD tokens, both of which are located on Hive-Engine.

But what about taking the concept of Listnerds and using that to market Hive? Could this be a piece that garners some attention while bringing in users?

Self Promotion

Anyone holding Hive is a stakeholder. This means we all share in the success of the entire ecosystem. As more value is driven to Hive, we all benefit.

It also means the onus is upon us to step up and participate. The tendency is to let others do it. We see this in business. Of course, it makes sense since, there, departments are created to handle the different details of what is needed. Hive has no departments nor CEO to drive things. Instead, it is a digital cooperative where everyone has a part.

Some people are writing blog posts about Listnerds. This is helpful since it does provide some material for this purpose.

We can see how this project would have appeal to a particular segment. Internet marketing is big business and people are consistently trying to get more attention. Listnerds is growing into something that could possibly assist in that endeavor.

Of course, sending out information is only part of the equation. The other is to get people to read through and take action. Here is where the challenge comes in.

This was summed up in an article by @jimmy.adames. He really captured the essence of what these people are focused upon.

One of the main takeaways from this is the Click-Thru-Rates. This is something that averages a few percent at best under normal circumstances.

Here is a chart that shows what he was receiving.

All the rates are above 85%. That is an outstanding number.

It is also something that needs to be promoted outside Hive. Here is a tool that is available that can assist people in their online business ventures. We also see another way people can be compensated for their activity on Hive.

Basically, it is a positive feedback loop where the marketing of Listnerds can help Hive which further helps Listnerds.


Sometimes we come across an idea that is totally revolutionary. Of course, simply because the concept is there does not mean that change can happen. This takes effort.

That said, we see a project that can truly re-work some of the existing models of Internet marketing. The team approached the industry from the standpoint of solving a major problem. By building their own self-contained email system, this bypasses the traditional email applications.

It also brings tokenization to this arena. Taking the Proof-of-Brain idea from Hive, it also implemented an upvote system to allow the readers to influence the rewards of each email (this uses proprietary voting and does not affect Hive voting power).

The project is in the evolutionary stage right now. However, this is how revolutions occur. Things simmer over time until they explode. Obviously, a change in industry tactics is much different than a military uprising but the principle is the same. What starts off slowly can "suddenly" come to a head.

One of the keys to any tool is the results achieved. From looking at some of the posts about it, the CTR discussed in the abovementioned post is not unique. That is what the going rate appears to be.

Hence, in the early days at least, the platform is effective. People who are taking a serious approach to their business by utilizing Listnerds are finding it of benefit. That is an important first step.

This means it can be an onboarding system for users outside of Hive. As stated, anyone who wants to participate in the tokenization aspect of the platform requires a Hive account. Here we see another use case added which increases the value of having an account.

Ultimately, the more people can do with their account, the better it is for everyone.

For this reason, Listnerds is one to watch. It has the potential to pull in thousands of users since it is offering something that is rather unique to the Internet marketing industry.

It is often asked: what problems does cryptocurrency solve? Here is one answer.

And it is tied to Hive.

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