Call Out To Leo Community: Names For Categories Of Leo Holders

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This is a call going out to the Leo community.

We appear, although not by design, to be working on ways to name the different categories of LEO holders.

As most are aware, Hive uses Whale, Orca, Dolphin, Minnow, and Red Fish. Obviously, they are all fish themed.

Being on Leofinance, with a logo being the lion, many feel that the categories should carry some type of feline theme.

Here is how the categories were spelled out in the latest Whale report.

As we can see, basically the fish theme with a bit of Hawaiian and cat mixed in.

@nealmcspadden left this comment in the post:

As we can see from the response to the comment activity and increase in engagement, people like gamification. Thus, having different levels is something that people utilize as a barometer for their progress. Some already dropped ideas to @khaleelkazi to add some badges or whatever to the wallets.

Thus, it is probably best to come up with some ideas of names of the different categories. We already have a couple more spots than Hive utilizes which I think is helpful. I never really liked the fact that a Whale could never graduate. Overall, I felt it skewed the rankings when viewed in chart form.

Nevertheless, we have an opportunity to set things up as we see fit. For that reason, I would like some feedback from everyone as to what their thoughts are.

Keep in mind, having a naming system different from Hive could cause some confusion. Of course, if most of the newer users are onboarding through LEO, it doesn't matter since our system will be what they learn and come to understand.

So let us see what you all think? Take Neal's suggestions and play around with them a bit. We need 6 categories as spelled out above to denote those different levels.

Leave your ideas in the comment section. Feel free to critique the ideas of others and add to it (that helps engagement).

Here is your chance; everyone has a say.

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