Cubfinance: The Next Step In HBD's Evolution

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The other day I wrote an article about Leofinance doing its part to build out the value of pHBD. This is a very important concept that most in the crypto world are overlooking.

In that article we noted how a new liquidity pool was opened up. It had pHBD paired with $POLYCUB. This was another step in the right direction.

The goal for Leofinance is to built as much value for pHBD as possible. Too many want to monkey around with the tokenomics, instead of building out real value for a currency. Much of this was written about in other articles so there is not going to be delving too deep.

However, there is another factor in all this: the impact upon HBD. In spite of the recent pump, we need to focus our efforts on HBD's value. pHBD is one way to do that. Since it is a derivative, the more inherent value that holds, the better it is for HBD. So having a few liquidity pools is a good beginning.

We now are embarking upon another leg in the journey.

We Now Have bHBD

Anyone who was paying attention to any of the AMAs over the last 6 months should not be surprised with today's move. How many times were we told that what is developed for Polycub will be added to Cubfinance? Yet in spite of that, too many were still fretting about the latter.

Well, we can see the first steps in fulfilling that were taken. There were three new farms opened up. Anyone care to guess what they have in common?

As we can see, there are new derivatives on BSC for the Hive coins. Two of the pools, like the pHBD counterpart, are bHBD. This is now another for of HBD, yet on another chain.

Here we see the first step in, not only the duplication of Polycub on Cubfinance, but also the expansion of potential value for HBD.

Much like the article linked above, the goal is to now add as much value to bHBD as possible. This will come from the development of other features tied to this token. Ultimately, we need a system which creates derivatives off this token. Essentially, we are looking at changing the form of bHBD just like when water is frozen, it turns into ice. It is still water, just in a different state.

By expanding the "states" of bHBD, we can drive value to that the same way with pHBD.

Building A HBD Foundation

There are now 4 liquidity pools tied to HBD. We have two utilizing pHBD with the same for bHBD. While these are not filled up, that is not the major issue at this moment. The key is they exist. More importantly, the follow up is crucial.

When dealing with a currency, there are a number of things that are required. This is missing within the cryptocurrency, probably why things are stalled out a bit.

They are:

  • infrastructure
  • depth
  • liquidity
  • sophistication

Obviously, when it comes to HBD, we can see the shortcomings in all areas. However, Leofinance is starting to approach some of these.

We can see how there is infrastructure being built. The LeoBridge is part of the infrastructure that is need for HBD to enjoy cross-chain reach. It is also helping with the depth and liquidity, albeit slowly.

One of the next phases is to attack the idea of sophistication. What does this mean with currency? If we look at the reverse, perhaps that will explain it. We can think of the antonym as being crude. Thus, we need to move HBD and these derivatives away from being crude.

That is another think lacking in the stablecoin world. Most are just crude copies of each other. We have to evolve beyond that.

Here is where moving into Polycub Bonds (as well as Cub Bonds) is another step forward. From there, we can move into exchanges catering to the fixed income market. After that, we can build other assets with specific financial purposes such as risk hedging.

Of course, the process has to start somewhere.

Ultimately, we want to focus upon four other key areas:

Here is the essence of building utility for a currency. With the Leofinance family of HBD that is obviously coming out, it is vital that we keep looking at the bigger picture.

There is a huge opportunity with what is being built. That is what bears are all about.

In the end, Leofinance can build a number of financial supercenters that offer many different DeFi options.

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