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A lot of work has gone into #leoglossary. We are progressing ahead with a lot of interesting stuff taking place. For right now, we will stick to some of the basics since it is essential people latch onto this.

To start, for those unaware, we should explain what Leoglossary is.

This is a database of financial, crypto, and investing terms. We are building something similar to Investopedia. It is a great addition to Hive and Leofinance since it provides a treasure trove of information. For the moment, we are focusing upon the glossary idea, posting definition and concepts relating to these areas.

One additional area we are focusing upon is Splinterlands. We have a section called SplinterGlossary which has over 120 fully defined terms and concepts pertaining to the game. There are still more being added so we can expect it will cross 200 in a few weeks.

This is headed by @gadrian and you can see the latest update here.

The Purpose Of LeoGlossary

Having a decentralized database of applicable terms to Leofinance is targeting a few different areas. This is the reason why the project was undertaken. We hope that the long-term results will assist Leofinance in becoming something we all envision it to be.

Information Center

The first goal is to build a database that, over time, fills into a valuable information source. People are always looking for different content and Leofinance has the opportunity to get to that point.

Links To Add To Articles

As we will show, it is easy to find links to add to articles written that will aid in the search engines as well as providing more content. People who are truly interested in subjects will often click on links in articles for more information.

We are working hard to add to the glossaries for the time being so that the content keeps growing in value. The first phase is to get things up there so the links are established and start being indexed. We will be adding depth as we go.

Help With Search Engines

A lot goes into search engine ranking. While many try to gain the system, at the end of the day, it always comes down to the information being provided. From what we can see, some of the variables are type of content, number of external links, internal links, and lack of orphan pages.

So far, this is the number of posts that went up:

As we can see, there are 1,139 post, each which is an individual term or concept. Each page is linked to others so none of them are orphans. All are being set up in a way where there is a flow to the information. This is what the search engines like.

How To Use It

The easiest way to use LeoGlossary is through the search engines.

A fair bit of the information is indexed, even by Google. This will help to find the information without having to search through the different sections.

The best way to go about this is to enter "leoglossary" followed by the term you are seeking. Thus, if we are looking for "Polycub", this is what it would look like.

If we do the same thing for "Blockchain" this is what we get:

One thing to keep in mind, sometimes the terms show up under a different front end. tends to get search engine preference for a variety of reasons. Therefore, some searches might show the Leoglossary result under that. Simply click on the link, go to and replace that in the url with rest of the title) and you will get the Leofinance version.

Then link the keyword in your article to the url and provide another internal (or external if non-Hive blog) link to the LeoGlossary pages.

Each article that has a link in it helps. We want to try to reduce the number of orphan pages on Leofinance. This can happen especially with that created through a front end like Peakd that is tagged with Leo/leofinance. These pages can show up in the url but are nowhere to be found in terms of indexing.

A simple link to a page that Google is aware of will get the spider going to it.

The key is to get many people involved. This is one of the reasons why LeoGlossary was started. It is a way to provide people with hundreds of links on keywords that are common on Leofinance.

As an aside, do not vote on the posts. The rewards are set to decline, which does not show up on Leofinance.

Thanks for your help with this.

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