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Bitcoin is impossible to counterfeit but an unlimited number of forks can be made. This too is an inflation of a sort.

Yes it is and something that, have you noticed is not mentioned often in cryptocurrency circles outside the Bitcoin Maximalists. How come unlimited printing by the central banks leads to hyper-inflation yet unlimited money printing in crypto will not? Actually, as the previous articles point out, USD is not printed or just created out of thin air. Instead, it is the union of lender and borrower which means it has more safeguards in that respect than crypto. Yet it is only fiat that is inflationary.

As more and more cryptos compete for a limited number of other assets, whether fiat or other goods and services, their value is likely to go down (on average)

This is not likely in the digital age. How many NFTs are going to be created over the next two years? How many games with skins, weapons, fuel, and whatever else is pertinent to those games will people spend money on.

We are moving into a near infinite age with digitization. That offsets a lot of the traditional beliefs people had.

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