Mono Monday the historic district New Bedford

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Mono Monday the historic district New Bedford

Good Morning, another week begins and may it be a good one for you all

As I tend to do I am starting the week with a few mono images, you may think they are B&W but I edit some with shades other than black such as the first one with more sepia tones and hence call them mono

I am for this post focusing on a recent walk I took around the historic district here in New Bedford I love the Belgian block/Cobblestone streets in this area and in the early morning with no people and very little traffic its a cool place to get shots

Sony A7iv 17mm F8 30 Sec ISO 100

How is the weather there, here the last for days the morning temps have bene below freezing point, and i haven't been feeling 100% so I have bene sensible and not going out for early morning walks the last few days, I am debating with myself if I will get back into morning walks soon, or change up my schedule and head out for sunset walks now and again since its a bit warmer at around 4:30 when the sun sets at the moment

Next up I have a shot of the Seamens Bethel church and the Mariners home If you read Moby Dick and the reference to a church some say it was this church it was based on

Sony A7iv 17mm F9 25 Sec ISO 100

One of the narrow paved streets, I went there the other day thinking it would be a cool spot for light painting completely forgetting about the street lights which ruled out that option

Sony A7iv 17mm F9 6 Sec ISO 100

One of the old buildings downtown

Sony A7iv 21mm F9 30 Sec ISO 100

And another building, not sure if it was my mood with not getting out walking but i notice a few of these came out quite moody and dark

Sony A7iv 18mm F9 30 Sec ISO 100

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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