Sublime and Beautiful Sunday sunrises

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Sublime and Beautiful Sunday sunrises

Well another Sunday is upon us and for me it means I prepare a post for a couple of challenges namely #sublimesunday which is inspired by @c0ff33a and #beautifulsunday is initiated by @ace108.

I decided for this week to share a few sunrise images from recent walks, the temps have taken a nose dive and I haven't got out for a sunrise walk for a few days so I felt like looking through previous sunrise walks and pick a few to share today.

Starting with this shot up on the Harbor walk on the Hurricane Barrier wall Looking down at a couple of piers near where i often park

Sony A7iv 26mm F11 1/8 Sec ISO 100

The cooler temps bring some real nice crisp and clear mornings which make for great sunrise shots, but with age I feel the cold more and do not get out anywhere near as much at this time of the year.

This next shot is the pier seen in the first photo but from closer to it some lovely rich warm colors that day.

Sony A7iv 25mm F11 1/2 Sec ISO 100

and on another morning looking out on the other pier, of recent we have had some nice warm reddish sunrises, you may note a boat docked here it is a fishing boat names sinful that is often docked there

Sony A7iv 23mm F11 1/5 Sec ISO 100

Doesnt that lovely warm golden glow on the water give you a nice warm feel, it does for me as I edited it and prepared this post but that morning the temp was just under freezing point, and as I tend to use fingerless gloves when out taking photos my fingers were freezing when I took this. I did just get some new gloves which cover all the fingers but i can pop out my finger and thumb when needed to take photos

Sony A7iv 20mm F11 1/80 Sec ISO 100

and back up on the harbor walk on another day

Sony A7iv 22mm F11 0.6 Sec ISO 100

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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