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Around the pond

I spot I often take a walk is in Buttonwood Park here in New Bedford and fairly close to where I live so easy to quickly pop there, Depending on the weather, how many people are around, time of day, and my mood will depend on where i walk in the park, I often explore different areas of the park, but just about everytime I go there I will walk by the pond, I do find being by the water so calming and relaxing for me. With all the medical appointments test and procedures i have bene going through of recent i have found myself popping to and walk by the pond a few times just to clear my head relax and unwind, so I though why not anothe rpost with some recent and some not so recent shots on my visits and walks around the pond

You can see what is called the warming house across the pond

Sony A7iv 17mm F7.1 10 Sec ISO 100

Looking across the pond I often park by it and will walk around to the spot where I took the last photo

and the next photo closer in on the warming house

Sony A7iv 65mm F10 2.5 Sec ISO 100

The warming house used to be just that a buildign people could go into back on the day after ice skating onthe pond to warm up

This is why I said some not so recent photos, back when the fall colors were out

Sony A7iv 30mm F11 2.5 Sec ISO 100

In fact as I look at these photos I feel most of them are not that recent as there are some fall colors in many of these shots

whenever i visit this area i always get a shot of this little tree on the island in the middle of the pond

Sony A7iv 75mm F11 1.3 Sec ISO 100

Another wider view looking over the pond

Sony A7iv 17mm F8 10 Sec ISO 100

and this last shot was one morning i had bene by the beach to cacth the sunrise which was uneventful and I was heading to the supermarket after the sun had risen and driving past the pond I noticed the colors and stopped and got this shot

Sony A7iv 17mm F11 1/5 Sec ISO 100

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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