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Are humans by nature sheep or lemmings?

Is that why all this hype gets created, why people jump on the latest bandwagon just because Mr I.Scamu posts a comment, a tweet a vid or something else banal.

FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out is too fluffing real.

People like me though, generally succumb to JOMO and don't get scammed, don't get ripped off. No sir, I am a stubborn shite, to that end I listen to the person that is the underdog, I don't hand on the words of big accounts.

Yes I do my own research, I did look for DYOR in LeoGlossary but could not find it under D, mind you it is probably staring me in my face.

screenshot from HiQ magazine edition 25 that I contribute to.

I am havering, I just bought 1000 tokens for a new project...

Actually I will rewind you to this snippet

CRYPTOBLAST!! That means - WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN EXCITED ABOUT in the crypto world lately? Some new juicy project? Some scandal that is rocking our world? Some token that has great potential? Write a polished piece that dazzles your fellow dreemers!

That was lifted from EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR THIS WEEK!! inked by the irreplaceable @dreemsteem

Are you Smart, Stylish & Sexy?

If you really are, then you know all about @hiq and @hiq.magazine
This is our very style magazine on the blockchain, and I direct you to ➡️ [ENG] HiQ №25 | Smart, Stylish & Sexy | CraftInk that was the latest issue that came out yesterday and it is where I took the screenshot that is the first image in this post.

HiQ have their own token HIQS ... what you have not heard of that either? Well damn where have you been!

So yes of course you can buy sell send $HIQS all the usual shennanigans you do with tokens.

Today though we are here to talk about $INK

So they have $HIQS right?

Yes they do!

So why and what is $INK?

Two very good questions grasshopper!*

Okay, the core @hiq triumverate of @quekery, @smooms & @mary-me are gamers at heart and they thought fluff this, we want our own game!

So they have been having secret meetings and discussions, AND with the utmost efficiency (because well you know what the Germans are like LOOL) they have even made physical mocks up of the game and have been testing it!

So FOMO got me and I had to grab 1000 $INK and shout it from the roof top!

Seriously this could be fluffing cool, do you like Rising Star, Splinterlands etc etc (this that pineapple🍍)?

Remember how it is always the ones who get in at the beginning and make all the moolah?

Well fluff that, this is your advance notice, no spoiler alert!

Hell yeah, even if you only flip them, I say get in there quick goddamit!

And I am not going to spoil things, go check out the magazine post, in fact go subscribe to the magazine, you never know,there may be a surprise instore for you if you do!

Our game will be called "CraftInk" and the ingame token is called INK. The game will be thematically about us and the Hive Blockchain, and since we constantly have ink on our fingers from all the writing and printer cleaning, ink plays a big role. Humour should not be neglected either, after all we do Hivestyle satire and always want to entertain our fans.

The game should be fun, for one thing. Of course, who wants a game that isn't fun? And it shouldn't feel like a clone of [insert your favourite trading card game here]. We did a conspiratorial, secret IRL meet-up the week before last and played our first game prototype and had a blast.

SPOILER ALERT holding $HIQS might be good for you ink wise ...

By the way this is NFA, so DYOR but don't be CBA you don't want to say ITYSYN

All images and ramblings are from me, the mad Scotsman TengoLoTodo unless otherwise stated. @tengolotodo December 2nd 2022


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