Starting Saturday Savers by Updating MY Hive and Leo Goals

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I have been meaning to sit down and write up some Hive and saving goals, but procrastination kicked in one too many times. I was undecided on what layer 2 tokens I wanted.

Well enough of that tomfoolery, here is my baseline and my Savings submission post to start with the Saturday Savers Club.

The Current figures I have used were taken from my account @ 16/07/2022 and this is week 29. Going forward I will chart my weekly progress and update on the required weekly amounts to achieve my targets.

Saturday Savers Club

Saturday Savers Club is for anyone who wants to save in any currency for any purpose. The Club is a supportive group of people who meet up around the weekly post, usually on a Saturday but occasionally on a Sunday, to share tips and techniques and have some fun in the process.

Saving is a skill that takes time and practice to acquire and, like learning any skill, doesn't always go the way you planned. Saturday Savers Club provides a framework that you can use to help you on your way, as well as tips and a process to provide or support the skills you need to design and manage your own savings plan.

source Saturday Savers Club with @susie-saver | 2022 Launch and FAQs

That is what the Saturday Savers club is all about. Every so often, we all need a wee kick up the arse to get us to spring into motion. I have been plodding along in Hive, doing a bit of this, seeing tokens left right and centre and not really having a clear focus.

However with my partner in crime @coquicoin we have been chewing the fat, and will help each other by both embarking on a journey with Saturday Savers Club.

Saturday Savers Club Goals

I am splitting my goals twofold, firstly my primary and then my secondary.

For the purposes of Saturday Savers

- PRIMARY Goal ~ 2500 HP

- SECONDARY Goal ~ 2500 LP

So you can see that I am setting my Primary and Secondary Saturday Savers goals as reaching a level of 2500 for both Hive Power and Leo Power.

In fact I wrote about The Race to 2500 a few weeks ago, where I talked about taking Action, well this is further proof I am takign that action.

My 4 Primary Goals

Some of you will not be familiar with EDSMM.

It stands for EDS Mini Miner, and with me being an ED then I sure as heck want some! Read about what it is EDS Mini Miner (EDSMM) now live! from @eddie-earner

They are selling like hot potatoes, so if you are serious about saving and making the most of your Hive then I urge you to take a look.

Intermission Break

Before I detail my Secondary Goals, I want to put down two goals for my favourite NFT based game on Hive, yes that is RISING STAR

First Rising Star Goal ~ Get the Millionaires Card (for 1,000,000 starbits)

Second Rising Star Goal ~ Reach Level 75

My Secondary Goals


My Tipping Token Goals



A great way to do something is by having a Why! My Why for Saving for the End of The Year is to buy 2 laptops.

That is my baseline savings plan, and I shall monitor and revise any tokens to be added for my first progress report on Saturday.

Disclaimer This is NOT and in no way is it meant to be investment advice. As always please do your own research before investing.

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