What you should know by the acronym D.Y.O.R

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When we are talking about the cryptocurrency ecosystem, they are some words that are very popular and from my experience in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the word D.Y.O.R has proven to be one of those words that almost 70% of people in the cryptocurrency ecosystem knows about. The word DYOR has gained weight or rather still traction when you are referring to it in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. I remembered some years back when I met somebody who was trying to educate me about some certain things in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, after he briefed me about what I wanted to hear, I was trying to know more about the beautiful cryptocurrency ecosystem and he told me to D.Y.O.R. I was still new to the cryptocurrency ecosystem as at that time or I will say that it was my first time hearing about such word so I was just confused when he made mentioned of such word. He keep saying DYOR, the more he says this, the more confuse I am. It got to a point that I said to myself that I needed to use Google so that I can understand what the brother who is trying to introduce me to what the cryptocurrency ecosystem is saying. I went straight to get my phone, head to the internet and behold I came across what the word DYOR meant and from there I understand the message that the lad was trying to say. From there up till date you can never see me saying that I forgot what the word DYOR meant. The format that the guy used on me, stands up as one of the best way to educate people when it comes to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


I am really happy to be blogging about this topic today. I never knew that a day like this will come when I will be discussing about this topic. Ever since that my friend asked me to DYOR I have never forgotten that word. Well, the main reason why I am blogging about this topic is simply holding to the fact that someone read through my everyday cryptocurrency post, my last post which talks about knowing what is total value lock (TVL), and how it adds value to cryptocurrency protocols out there. After reading through the post the person chatted me and he told me that he will love to see me talk about what is DYOR. Aside that, he suggested some cryptocurrency topic which he felt I should discussed about. Well, there is nothing bad with him suggesting something like that for me, I must admit me that I am really pleased by what he shared with me. If you have something that you want me to blog about, in as much it is all about cryptocurrency, feel free to share it with me and for educational purposes I will make sure that I blog about it. Doing that will enables us to kept the learning spirit and curve burning.

Deviating from that to what we have at hand, DYOR as we have it is a very easy word that is playing a vital role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is not just a word but rather still a powerful word I must admit. The reason why I said it is a powerful word is simply holding to the fact that it is an acronym that means something amazing when it deals and relates to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the blockchain at large. The big question at hand is what is DYOR.


What is DYOR

The world DYOR is an acronym that simply means do your own research. Finally I have let the cat out of the bag. I have been playing with our emotions but the time is now here for me to let the cat out of the bag and I have done that by simply educating us on what the acronym stands for. Without not explaining much I believe the word DYOR has simply explains itself. Do your own research DYOR is simply used to let someone or somebody carry more research about a cryptocurrency project, word or something else. If I want to tell someone to go and research about some cryptocurrency word, topic etc, I don't need to say go and do research, I can make it more beautiful and appealing by simply telling the person to go and DYOR. With this the person will understand that I am telling him/her to simply go and do research about that cryptocurrency word, topic etc.


I will end the post here, have a nice day.

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