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First... I am still brand new here, but I've also been doing a lot of reading about this for my own benefit. So here's how I understand it: your 50% voting weight actually means that you're voting HALF of the curator's vote, and then scaling evenly up or down mirroring what they do... but with those settings, you will always be voting 50% of what they are. So if your average vote is 8%, that means @leo.voter uses an average weight of 16%.

My question is about the delegation... I have my HIVE delegated to leo.voter and I want to manually curate with LEO here on LeoFinance. I thought that's how it worked: I delegate my HP to leo.voter and they pay rewards in LEO tokens. So maybe you can help me, @cflclosers (and/or @leo.voter) understand this aspect of curation rewards a bit more.

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