$PIZZA Token 96.97% Increase | Mid-Week Rewards & Updates

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  • Hey everyone! Happy hump day! I hope your week has been fresh! As usual, we'll keep things a bit more brief in the mid-week report but there are a few things we wanted to tell you about and as always, we have a rewards to give out!

Let's go over some general updates and upcoming items:


We have started a manual curation process through our account over at the Pizza Shop where we will be looking for great posts that involve games (and the more retro, the better!) and pizza! Join or tag the $PIZZA community (or just simply hivepizza) for a chance to be manually curated by our team.

Delegation & Donations

Through a few donations and through sales of #pizza token we are starting to build up our account. We've started to receive Hive Power delegations (including my own) to the curation account and received some more donations in the form of miners this week to help boost our pool and $BEE yields. I've also donated more of my own WORKERBEES and have started the process to move my current delegation of workers over to the Hive.Pizza account as well, it will just need the required time to move from the pool I was in to the curation and mining pool account.

A special thank you to: @stickupboys @adamada @huzzah

The people above donated or delegated their HP or miners this week to help grow the $PIZZA project! Thank YOU!

We're also getting a bit closer to our first $BEE goals. Getting to 1000 BEE will allow us to unlock the next feature that will increase functionality or value for the token. You can help by donating $BEE to the @pizzaexpress account!

Tokenomics - Updated at10:19PM PST

$PIZZA Tokenomics --

  • 263 wallets hold $PIZZA
  • 85 wallets hold >= 1 $PIZZA
  • 41 wallets hold >= 20 $PIZZA (bot access level)
  • 10 wallets hold >= 100 $PIZZA (badass level)

We're still trying to come up with an idea for titles/ranks. Free free to join in and throw around some fun ideas. Maybe you'll even win some $PIZZA ;)

You can check our tokenomics anytime in the Discord by typing !tokenomics

Price & Volume

Our weekly volume so far is 178.3 HIVE or $107.7 USD at the time of post. That's a total of 1,591.1 pizzas ordered up this week so far! Wow!

$PIZZA price continued to increase from 0.11191 to 0.11227 for a total of 0.32% in weekly gains so far and a whopping 96.97% increase for those who bought $PIZZA on the first day! While much of the market is bleeding, the flavor of our pizza is increasing! Nice job everyone!

Community Spotlight

Username: @geekgirl BIO LINK

Today we would love to introduce you to a super cool member of the HIVE community who is leadng a really amazing initiative that we really admire over here in the Pizza Shop. @geekgirl's original post can be found here titled, "Let Me Buy You Pizza With Hive Dollars | Budget - 50 HBD". I think you can immediately see why this peaked our interest!

Bringing tradition to Hive, @geekgirl was determined to demonstrate that HBD was indeed legitimate currency by purchasing pizza for awesome people around Hive, officially Pizza Certifying HBD much like Bitcoin was back in 2010. Check out their original post to learn more about the history of Pizza Certifying crypto and their first steps into buying pizza in various places around the world.

Not only did @geekgirl spark off a really cool idea, but they also followed through and helped several people purchase their first pizza through HBD. Check their Latest Post Here where they give more details about the process and those who got some tasty pizza!

Thank you for creating such a fun and engaging experience and for bringing tradition to Hive in the form of pizza! You rock!!!

In recognition of your efforts, we have sent over some freshly baked $PIZZA tokens. We hope you enjoy!

Rewards Update

Everyone who is actively holding >= 20 $PIZZA is currently entered every day to be drawn for the daily reward. The daily rewards change from week to week and typically consist of tokens we've made from miners or other sources of yielding returns for our holders.

This week we are paying out in $PIZZA to celebrate the kick-off of our curation account! Here are the winners so far:


Check your wallets! Each of these $PIZZA holders has won 10% back in the form of additional $PIZZA rewards. Thank you for being part of the community!

Don't forget, we have a bonus winner every day!

  • Every Sunday we also send bonus rewards to the top 10 holders (guaranteed bonus every week for top 10).

  • We also draw 5 additional random winners for random tokens.

There are a bunch of other ways you can win $PIZZA!

Join our Discord for more information on how you can win more free $PIZZA!


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