$PIZZA Token Launches New HIVE Discovery Extension for Chrome/Brave

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Our submission has been approved by the App Store and as such, we are excited to announce the launch of the new Pizza Menu HIVE Discovery Extension for the Chrome and Brave browser!

@hivetrending has been very busy in the Pizza Laboratory cooking up some cool stuff like a mad scientist. After mixing various cheeses and herbs, we've discovered a tasty little recipe that is now known as the Pizza Menu.

As many of you know, $PIZZA token is not only a powerful engagement token that is starting to become a household name across HIVE, but also the foundation for many tools, gadgets, and services that will be useful in both onboarding as well as building value across the entire HIVE ecosystem.

Pizza Menu v0.1 is the power new browser extension from the $PIZZA team that brings all your favorite HIVE web resources into one place, right in your web browser. We're hoping tools like this will create value for both the new user who is having trouble keeping track of all of the new links they need to know as well as the tenured HIVE veteran.

To install Pizza Menu, head on over to the App Store located here.

  • Notice the "Add to Chrome" or "Add to Brave" button on the right-hand side of the page. Click that button!

Once you've installed Pizza Menu, you will find it in your extension section alongside others you may already be using!

Above is what most normal extension buttons look like

Once you've opened the Pizza Menu Discovery Extension, you will be presented with the above screen. - Don't see your favorite link? Don't worry! Let us know in our [Discord]( on in the suggestion form at the bottom of our website at!

You can now move through the menu and easily naviate to your favorite HIVE websites!

  • Is there a resource you visit often? Click the 'STAR' icon next to the name to add it to your 'favorite' list!

We hope this helps new users navigate their way around the HIVE ecosystem a bit easier. If you see something missing or if your project is not listed, let us know!

We will continue to build on this with your feedback over time!

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