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Hey everyone! Welcome to another weekly $PIZZA update. We've been busy and we've got some ground to cover, so let's get to it!

  • If you want to skip to the shout outs and numbers stuff, skip down to the REWARDS section.

If you'd like to track the progress of our $PIZZA journey you can check out previous posts here (in order from oldest to newest):

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You can also check out the HIVE.PIZZA website here.

As usual let's go over the numbers,


LAST24 Hour VolumeBidAsk
0.11193 HIVE / $0.0721427 HIVE / $17.480.11191 HIVE0.11193 HIVE
  • $PIZZA holders who purchased the token at the original price of 0.057 HIVE have seen an incredible increase of 96.36% and buying power continues to grow! We're building a strong floor!


182 wallets hold $PIZZA 73 wallets hold >= 1 $PIZZA ( 8-) ) 32 wallets hold >= 20 $PIZZA (bot access level) 9 wallets hold >= 100 $PIZZA (badass level) 107 $PIZZA Gift slices sent using !PIZZA in the last 7 Days


Username: Role: Developer BIO URL

I want to take a moment to recognize one of our core developers and our Gourmet Chef,

This person has been around the community for quite some time and after recently returning from focusing on other aspects of life, has jumped right back into the swing of things by joining the team and helping create our wonderful $PIZZA token. Torrey is bringing a lot of the vision to life. Torrey has been spending time in the kitchen baking up some new recipes for the bot, increasing the awareness of our systems and the flavor of our $PIZZA and has more ideas on the way! If you are interested in learning more about Blockchain development, Python, or how the two compliment one another, drop a follow and say hello! Thank you for all you do for the $PIZZA community and for HIVE, Torrey!


  • PizzaBot is now even more self-aware and it hanging out with us in our Discord.

    • PizzaBot & Helpers are now assisting us in the Discord with various tasks.
  • Signature overhaul

    • Originally, we were using a placeholder licensed image that I threw together to let folks know they received $PIZZA from someone. Along the way, we also collaborated with the wonderful @stickupboys (check them out, seriously...go!) to generate some $PIZZA related gifs which dominated the comment sections for a few days! After receiving some feedback, we now have a new and much sleeker signature available.

  • New Automated Workflows
    • In-order to process rewards, I had to manually pull a ton of data from various locations each day and week. Now, we have automated workflows in the kitchen that will help us identify winners much easier and will speed up the process, allowing us more time to work on our delicious $PIZZA token! More is on the way!
  • New Functionality
    • PizzaBot is now talking to both CoinGecko and Hive-Engine to bring us fast and accurate market data for those who like to keep an eye on market movement. This works for all tokens available on Hive Engine as well as HIVE.
  • New Commands
    • !help - print this list

    • !price - print the price of $PIZZA

    • !price (token) - print the price of that specific token on Hive-Engine

    • !top10 - print the top 10 holders list from the richlist

    • !tokenomics - print details information regarding wallets

    • !gif - @stickupboys gifs!

    • !info - learn more about $PIZZA

    • !source - github sourcecode


  • We are so extremely close to being finished here. I ran into some issues right before posting this article with the SMTP server which will prevent users from receiving their keys. Once we get these initial bugs sorted (the testing that has been completed has been overall great) we will be super excited to start processing our first $PIZZA purchases through the website for PC game keys!

  • I will have more updates on this in the next few days. Expect a mid-week update if not sooner!


  • I've added a few additional buttons. I really need to find some more time to clean this up in the next couple of days but we now have raw feeds for the Market Stream, the bot Gift Stream (when users gifts pizza slices), and the HE Explorer Richlist for $PIZZA integrated. The goal will be to clean this raw data up so that it can be easily read and digested as needed. All numbers public, always.


    • @creodas has been brushing up on his pixel art skills and is starting to pump out some real saucy emojis over in the Discord.

- FIRST $PIZZA COMMUNITY NFT - @progressivechef who is an amazing chef that hangs out with us in the Pizza Shop. They were awesome and suprised us with our first community built video NFT! You can check it out here:


Photo by: @creodas Reward: 0.5 $PIZZA Pizza Type: Chicken Photo submitted in the Discord

Want to win some free $PIZZA? Join our Discord and submit your pizza pics! We'll pick winners to feature when we do $PIZZA related posts like this one!


This week, we've selected the #starbits token to distribute out for rewards. #starbits is the utility token used by the Rising Star game over at I am a top 100 ranked player and heavily endorse @risingstargame if you are into music, blockchain gaming, or collecting (like myself) cards like myself.

In Rising Star, you work from the ground up to grow not only your personal and band skills, but the number of fans you have along the way. As you progress through each zone, you will unlock more and more features of thea game. Some of things features include the ability to piece together the band of your dreams and even record them live, producing cool tracks that you can share with other players or your friends! Rising Star has crafting system for rare instruments and a solid trading economy behind it.

#starbits are used for various things across Rising Star such as certain mission types (like the coveted Millionaire Mission), buying boosters or cards from other players on the in-game market, doing crafting missions, or even bidding to be venue promoter for a piece of the pie and for #starpro tokens, which are coming in the next day or so and will open up a brand new playstyle for the game. I personally plan on purchasing more #starbits to participate and personally speculate that the price will continue going up as more and more people get into the game or bid for promotion spots in the new system.

Those of you not familiar, they also host Radio Evolved on Sunday where they showcase local HIVE musicians and talk Rising Star. You can even win some great cards for the game just by hanging out and listening to some great tunes. You'll also find us in there handing out slices of hot and freshly baked 'za!

Check out the show from earlier today!

Website: Discord: Rising Star Game Discord Curation Account: @risingstargame

Top 10 Leaderboards (Bag Holders)

(List pulled at 4am PST Sunday morning)

Date: 4/11/2021 Token: #starbits This weeks bonus: 10%

Want to get in on the action and secure your own weekly bonus rewards? You can buy $PIZZA on LeoDex, TribalDex, or Hive Engine!

UserBalanceRewards = STARBITS

Thank you! @velourex @myanmarkoko @stickupboys @creodas @chireerocks @juanmiguelsalas @huzzah @schlees @eirik

Lucky 5 Weekly $PIZZA Holders

(randomly chosen weekly from all holders with >= 1 $PIZZA in their wallet)

This weeks bonus: 3%

  • Normally the Lucky 5 Bonus is awarded in $PIZZA but to celebrate the release of the @risingstargame update I wanted to share some of my #starbits to everyone. Enjoy and please try out the game!
UserBalanceRewards = STARBITS

Tell your friends about $PIZZA @dbuzz @cowbay @foxon @splatts @xplosive

Total Starbits Awarded: 78,625 Total value/Hive: 14.93875 Total value/USD: $9.60

I realize I pasted 'Top 10' for the Lucky 5 as well. I was tired, okay!?


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