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$PIZZA is a powerful new engagement token that bridges the gap between the ordinary user and the tenured crypto-pro.

We've not only built an engagement bot that is being used rapidly across the HIVE ecosystem (closing in on 1000 wallets) but we also seek (and have already started) to build an arsenal of easy-to-use tools and services (using $PIZZA for transactions) that will further promote engagement and increase the value of $PIZZA.

$PIZZA is already an engaging (and fun) rewards solution that is rewarding holders every day and we're working on building out additional elements of DeFi such as pools, farms, and staking all without the need to hold several different tokens to achieve. $PIZZA will become a one-stop-shop for many of your crypto needs over time and as we develop our platform.

You can check out much more detailed information and visit the $PIZZA Laboratory on our website at

You can also check out our bots or join the fun and the discussion (and hang with our kickass and growing community) in our Discord.

Keeping in mind the success of those such as LEO and the drive we have as a team, we truly believe this is a project that you can be proud that you're in on early.

We are just getting started. We are going to do incredible things. Come be a part of it.

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