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  • Happy Wednesday gang! We're half way through April showers and May flowers are right around the corner. We've got some rewards to give out and I have a few updates to discuss. If you'd like to skip to the rewards section, head down to the end!!

Let's go over some general updates and upcoming items:


Curation is going well and the account is up and running! We are actively curating great pizza and gaming posts all across Hive and meeting new people! If you want us to see your post, make sure you use the #pizza tag!

I'm looking into options in boosting the curation power for this account if we are unable to get some more delegation soon.
If you want to assist with HP delegation, you can delegate to If you do not want to be recognized, please let me know so I do not publically recognize you.

Account Growth

The pizza accounts are starting to see growth as we anchor in for long-term rewards for our $PIZZA holders. A few things we've invested in this week that will bring our holders more rewards and more personal account growth:

  • Leo Miners
  • Vibes Miners
  • BRO

We've also invested STARBITS into the VFT Labs NFT Farms to start farming VFT and NFTs on WAX. Anything we farm here will be given out in rewards to token holders. This may require you to create a WAX account just a heads up. Let me know if you have any questions. I've also donated my personal DEC to the farm to push for more rewards for you guys. In addition, I've finished moving my WORKERBEE delegation to our BEE miner account and am accumulating more. Eventually, I would like to start putting BEE into your pockets as we finish wrapping up our immediate BEE costs on Hive-Engine.

As we continue to grow, our miner pool will grow and so will rewards.

BOT UPDATES continues to blow our minds with their amazing abilities in the kitchen. As our Gourmet Chef, Torrey has been fine tuning pizzabot and really helping it achieve the level of sentience worthy of SKYNET. If you've noticed any odd bugs (you probably havn't but just incase!) don't worry! Those should be ironed out and we'll be tracking usage incase anything else pops up along the way. You guys are really putting the bot to use and that is AWESOME. We've started hitting our first RC limits and had to beef the bot account up a bit! Keep it up! Torrey is working on some other cool features so make sure you keep an eye out!

Pizza Delivery Champions

This week we would like to recognize a few superstars who have been out there really "paying it forward" and giving out slices of $PIZZA through invoking the (!)PIZZA command.

These champions have stood out among the rest as A+ delivery people and as such, we have awarded them with some bonus $PIZZA this week as a thank you for your wonderful engagement across HIVE! Check your wallets!

  • Remember, you can invoke the (!)PIZZA command (without the parentheses) by holding >= $PIZZA in your wallet.

Tokenomics - Updated at 8:50pm PST

$PIZZA Tokenomics --

  • 452 wallets hold $PIZZA
  • 114 wallets hold >= 1 $PIZZA
  • 62 wallets hold >= 20 $PIZZA (bot access level)
  • 21 wallets hold >= 100 $PIZZA (badass level)

Our total wallet count has exploded and doubled in the last 7 days. We are extremely excited about this growth and cannot wait to see what next week has in store for us!

You can check our tokenomics anytime in the Discord by typing !tokenomics

Price & Volume

Our weekly volume so far is 1,032.72 Hive, up from a mere 178.3 last week. That's a total of 9,072.28 pizzas ordered up this week so far!

This is an incredible increase in volume, thank you for everyone who is scooping up $PIZZA while the price is low!

Speaking of which, $PIZZA price continued to increase from 0.11227 to 0.11396 for a total of 1.51% in week over week gains so far and a whopping 99.93% increase for those who bought $PIZZA on the first day! We're just getting started!

Community Spotlight

Username: @detlev BIO LINK

Today we would love to introduce you to someone in the HIVE community who has not only shown a love of pizza, but has also shown great discipline and consistency across the years! Detlev is the create of the #beersaturday initiative that has been running since around June of 2017. To see the original #beersaturday post, click here.

The #beersaturday challenge allows Hivians a chance to win rewards (you know we love our rewards!) by participation and sharing their stories/photos on the topic of beer. This past week, @detlev highlighted 4 different types of pizza that many folks may not be aware of including Tuna and Artichoke. We'd love to know more about the oven you were using to bake these bad boys! To check out the wonderful pizzas he created, check out his latest blog post here.

Thank you so much @detlev for sharing your amazing pizzas and thank you for helping make Hive an amazing place where beer and pizza can live in harmony! Keep it up, we will be watching!

In recognition of your efforts, we have sent over some freshly baked $PIZZA tokens. We hope you enjoy!

Rewards Update

Everyone who is actively holding >= 20 $PIZZA is currently entered every day to be drawn for the daily reward. The daily rewards change from week to week and typically consist of tokens we've made from miners or other sources of yielding returns for our holders.

This week we are paying out in $BRO for our daily winners thanks to @raymondspeaks who was awesome and boosted our weekly rewards with some #bro tokens Make sure you check out his project over in the Mancave or over at CineTV! Here are the winners so far:


Check your wallets! Each of these $PIZZA holders has won 5% back in the form of additional $BRO rewards. Thank you for being part of the community!

Don't forget, we have a bonus winner every day!

  • Every Sunday we also send bonus rewards to the top 10 holders up to 10% back (guaranteed bonus every week for top 10).

  • We also draw 5 additional random winners for random tokens.

There are a bunch of other ways you can win $PIZZA!

Join our Discord for more information on how you can win more free $PIZZA!



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