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Hey everyone! Welcome to another weekly $PIZZA update! It's been an exciting week for growth and we can't wait to go over the numbers!

  • If you want to skip to the shout outs and numbers stuff, skip down to the REWARDS section.

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You can also check out the HIVE.PIZZA website here.

Let's go over those numbers!


LASTWeekly VolumeCurrent BidCurrent Ask
0.11368 HIVE / $0.07214577 HIVE / $331.810.11367 HIVE0.11368 HIVE
  • $PIZZA token has seen an increase in volume week over week at an incredible 2037%. $PIZZA has increased in price from 0.11193 HIVE to 0.11368 HIVE for an increase of 1.56% week over week and for an overall increase of 99.44% for holders who purchased back in early March!


358 wallets hold $PIZZA 99 wallets hold >= 1 $PIZZA ( 8-) ) 52 wallets hold >= 20 $PIZZA (bot access level) 15 wallets hold >= 100 $PIZZA (badass level)


  • PizzaBot has continued to be pushed to new limits and is increasing in capability every day thanks to our Gourmet Chef

    • Sentience seems to have increased in our beloved pizzabot as the bot awarded @mimismartypants ~8 $PIZZA while we slept through the night! Congratulations!
    • Remember, you can also engage our most excellent $PIZZA bots in our Discord server and you can tip $PIZZA tokens by holding at least 20 pizzas in your wallet!
  • Curation tools are also cooking in the oven thanks to our Gourmet Chef that will allow our communit to assist with curation in cool ways! Keep an eye out for more information around this in the Discord!


  • We've fixed the email server issues we had run into and the shop build is in full swing. My day job was a bit busier this past week so I did not finish the full shop build-out just yet but invoices, emails, and game key distribution tests have been going really well!


  • Emulator has been fixed! UP/DOWN arrows will not scroll the website now. Remember to use A and S for A/B buttons.


  • Our curation account is now curating amazing pizza posts! Want to get our attention? Make sure you tag #pizza or #hivepizza in your post so we can find you!
  • We are looking at more service offerings that you can pay for using $PIZZA token that will bring value to the HIVE Gaming community.
  • We are over 20% to our goal of 1000 $BEE to unlock the next feature on Hive-Engine for our awesome token! If you want to donate $BEE to the cause, you can send it to @pizzaexpress! Let us know if you do!
  • We've purchased more miners to add to our rewards pool. Our miner pool is still very small and we hope to continue building this out as we go. The more miners we can secure, the higher our rewards will be!

  • Want to win some free $PIZZA? Join our Discord and submit your pizza pics! We'll pick winners to feature when we do $PIZZA related posts like this one!


This week we are issuing our Top 10 Holders with BRO token. BRO is an awesome project by @raymondspeaks that places a large emphasis on rewards and earnings for holders and even non-holders. Simply holding BRO earns you BRO, but something that makes BRO super cool is that they built a pool system that allows the HIVE community to delegate all of their various Hive-Engine tokens to the @brofi account to receive a % back in BRO tokens. BRO has a voting system in place that allows users to vote for the pools that they would like to see active. You can read more about this here.

Enjoy cinema? BRO has you covered! CineTV (maybe we'll feature this in the future???), which is a Mancave Project, allows users a place to discuss and learn more about film and television.

Not only has BRO created value for the Hive community, but they've also announced that they've spun up a witness node. You can read more about this on the Witness Announcement.

We hope to collaborate with our BROs over in the Mancave in the future!

Discord: BRO Discord

Top 10 Leaderboards (Bag Holders)

(List pulled at 4am PST Sunday morning)

Date: 4/18/2021 Token: #bro & #pizza This weeks bonus: 5% Bro & 5% PIZZA

Want to get in on the action and secure your own weekly bonus rewards? You can buy $PIZZA on LeoDex, TribalDex, or Hive Engine!

UserBalanceRewards = BRO / PIZZA
@roger.remix3000.002.327 / 150
@globetrottergcc1005.070.779 / 50.25
@velourex355.000.275 / 17.75
@stickupboys282.320.219 / 14.12
@myanmarkoko208.320.161 / 10.42
@torrey.blog122.110.096 / 6.12
@johannpiber111.000.086 / 5.56
@creodas110.200.085 / 5.51
@chireerocks102.960.080 / 5.15
@nupulse100.720.078 / 5.04

Thank you! @roger.remix @globetrottergcc @velourex @stickupboys @myanmarkoko @johannpiber @creodas @chireerocks @nupulse

Lucky 5 Weekly $PIZZA Holders

(randomly chosen weekly from all holders with >= 1 $PIZZA in their wallet)

This weeks bonus: 5% #pizza

UserBalanceRewards = PIZZA

Grats! Tell your friends about $PIZZA! @dbuzz @bashadow @geekgirl @warrentto @juecoree

Remaining Daily Winners


Grats! Enjoy your fresh $PIZZA! @gr33nm4ster @nupulse @jeffjagoe @johannpiber


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