$PIZZA Token Weekly Update | Gains, Growth, & Website Changes

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Hey everyone! Welcome to another weekly $PIZZA update! It's been an exciting week for growth and we can't wait to go over the numbers!
  • If you want to skip to the shout outs and numbers stuff, skip down to the REWARDS section.

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You can also check out the HIVE.PIZZA website here.

Let's go over those numbers!


LASTWeekly VolumeCurrent BidCurrent Ask
0.11396 HIVE / $0.072141,148.76 HIVE / $5340.11394 HIVE0.11396 HIVE
  • That's over 10,000 Pizzas moved through the kitchen! $PIZZA token price has continued to hold at 99% gains since it was listed while much the market dips. Sells are very few and far between! You guys are holding the heck out of those tasty 'zas!

  • Over 500 wallets now hold $PIZZA!


569 wallets hold $PIZZA 140 wallets hold >= 1 $PIZZA ( 8-) ) 75 wallets hold >= 20 $PIZZA (bot access level) 22 wallets hold >= 100 $PIZZA (badass level)


  • PizzaBot has grown significantly and is pushing itself to new limits! With $PIZZA closing in on 600 wallets, we're seeing the amount of $PIZZA engagements grow as an incredible rate!
    • Remember, you can also engage our most excellent $PIZZA bots in our Discord server and you can tip $PIZZA tokens by holding at least 20 pizzas in your wallet!
    • As you can see, the bot stays rather busy lately and continues to grow!

  • New Command - You can now check the last 10 transaction history of any token on Hive-Engine from the Pizza Discord simply by using the !history (token) command.


  • The store is very close. We did some more testing this week and everything is working great. We've been focused on cleaning up the payment gateway and running a few more scenarios but so far so good. We've also started building the store out and the tedious task of building out the game title pages for the keys we will have available when the store launches.


  • is undergoing more updates and foundation is being laid for the future of our beloved pizza shop!
    • New Menus- We've removed the buttons and instead gone a traditional menu route to allow us to scale better as we flush the site out fully.
    • RSS- You can now read $PIZZA related posts from the Hive Blockchain right from the website!
    • $PIZZA Labs - The sandbox is being re-themed a bit as we finally get all of our gear moved into our pizza laboratory. Expect more gadgets and fun-ctional projects to pop-up in the ovens here! Some current projects include:
      • Live Hive Transfer Stream
      • Random Hive Post Finder
      • Visual Block Generator
      • and more!
    • Updated language - We're building out the vision for $PIZZA and as such, we've updated quite a bit of the existing language to reflect recent decisions and changes. We've also added more drop downs to further explain what we're currently working on or interested in pursuing further.


  • CURATION - Our curation account is growing in power and is now curating great posts in both the Music for Life and CineTV communities. Curation rewards will be split between growing the account further and with our holder rewards POOL.

  • MINERS - Our miner pool is growing and we're starting to generate some decent returns for our holders. We're also starting to enter some Farms and Pools and will be talking about this more as we finish testing the waters and have more data.

Community Vote

  • We need to make a few decisions soon regarding the path of $PIZZA and those of you who know me know that I very much would love your feedback. As we consider unlocking the STAKING feature for $PIZZA there are a few things we need talk about. If you'd like to have a say in this, please sure you are in our Discord!


Thank you so much to @huzzah for submitting her pepperoni rolls this week in the Discord! We have sent 5 $PIZZA over to your wallet in recognition of your pepperoni-filled creation!
  • Want to win some free $PIZZA? Join our Discord and submit your pizza pics! We'll pick winners to feature when we do $PIZZA related posts like this one!



This week we are issuing our Top 10 Holders DHEDGE DHEDGE is a Discord managed fund (Discord management optional) with daily token drips from @dhedge-drips for simply holding DHEDGE tokens. If you're looking for a new passive way to earn some extra tokens, DHEDGE drips will see your wallet start to fill quickly with lots of new tokens from across the Hive Ecosystem. New DHEDGE tokens are minted in exchange for supported tokens sent to @discohedge. Users can also use !dhedge rates to get minting rates and supported tokens in our discord. Upon joining their Discord, it looks like there is a lot of fun coming and some cool things that they've got up their sleeve. Check out DHEDGE!

Discord: HEDGE Discord

Top 10 Leaderboards (Bag Holders)

(List pulled at 5am PST Sunday morning)

Date: 4/18/2021 Token: #dhedge & #pizza This weeks bonus: 2.5% DHEDGE & 2.5% $PIZZA = 5%

Want to get in on the action and secure your own weekly bonus rewards? You can buy $PIZZA on LeoDex, TribalDex, or Hive Engine!

UserBalanceRewards = DHEDGE / PIZZA
@roger.remix10000129.52 / 250
@wine-token10000129.52 / 250
@brofundholdings2610.9033.81 / 65.2
@globetrottergcc1275.8716.524 / 31.89
@efastromberg94401.405.20 / 10.03
@velourex372.754.825 / 9.32
@stickupboys301.943.91 / 7.55
@johannpiber221.962.873 / 5.54
@myanmarkoko218.742.833 / 5.45
@juanvegetarian200.102.592 / 5.01

Thank you for your support and for believing in this project! Will you continue to hold the top spots or will someone knock you out?!
@roger.remix @wine-token @brofundholdings @globetrottergcc @efastromberg94 @velourex @stickupboys @johannpiber @myanmarkoko @juanvegetarian

# Lucky 5 Weekly $PIZZA Holders (randomly chosen weekly from all holders with >= 1 $PIZZA in their wallet)

This weeks bonus: 5% #bro thanks to @raymondspeaks! We are continuing our $BRO incentives throughout the rest of the week. Not only have our daily winners been bringing home that sweet, sweet BRO, but our weekly winners will also net some for themselves this week!

UserBalanceRewards = BRO

Grats! These winners have won 5% of their $PIZZA holdings value back in BRO! For bigger rewards and more chances to win, simply hold more $PIZZA in your wallet. Congratulations on winning this week!
@deflacion @andy4475 @andy-vibes @juecoree @foxon

Remaining Daily Winners


Grats! Enjoy your fresh $PIZZA and BRO! @juanmiguelsalas @risingstargame @darkflame @andy4475


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