Little Dinner While I Work On The Hivelist Store

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Gotta take a break sometimes! It's been a busy Monday in my world! I have been focused on getting the Hivelist Store all set up and ready for the holiday season. It's already dinner time and I am only about half way through the work I need to do, but I am bound and determined that I am getting it all done tonight! That's why I am drinking coffee past 5pm, lol!

Dinner is good. My mom made a big dinner to take to my grandmother's house and eat with her, but I am too busy and will see her on Thursday, so I opted to have a quiet house and get some work done. Plus with my grandmother and my dad sitting there comparing health issues, I feel like I am in a nursing home, lol. I know I should probably go eat with them, but I need some time to get things done! But with every good dinner break, you have to start with a course of cannabis to get you in the munchie mood, lol. Not really, but I needed the bong rips anyway, lol.

Anyway, back to the grind to bring the Hive community as much value in a circular economy as I can!

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