A look into the LasseCash Tribe, as requested by Lasseehlers.

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I made a post yesterday talking about the typical curation rewards for a few popular tribes. Something I do from time to time as I find it interesting and it changes over time.

Then I received a comment from @lasseehlers shilling his tribe in the comments.

This comment ended up with a bunch of replies by the time I looked into it.

I am already somewhat familiar with LasseCash and how it is run, but for shits and giggles I decided to see if anything changed and what it looks like today.

The first thing I like to look at is the distribution.

I use my Tribes Top Authors tool to calculate this.

Here you can see the rewards are extremely focused on a select few authors, what I refer to as 'top heavy'. What's most interesting is the top author is the tribe owner @lasseehlers himself, over 100% more rewards than the next highest author. From there it drops off really quickly if you are not in the Lasse group.

If you look at other tribes with a reasonable distribution, you can see a considerably more realistic curve.

Clearly there is some major issues regarding distribution with Lassecash, in fact I'd go to so far to say there really isn't any distribution at all.

This is pretty clear when you look at who is staking the most tokens.

Out of 7.1M staked tokens, @lassehlers has 3.2M of them staked.

Surely he is using that to curate his tribe and help distribute the tokens?

Nope, if you look at his votes over the last 30 days they are mostly for himself.

Clearly not a good way to distribute tokens. I think people forget that when you boil down proof of brain it is really just another distribution method.

Let's look back at @lasseehlers's original comment promoting the "green mountain". Who is buying all those tokens?

Well if you look at his own account, he is.

@lasseehlers's buy/sell of LASSEECASH

The majority of that buy wall is @lasseehlers's himself.

If you remove his buy orders, the "green mountain" turns into a piece of paper. Very deceptive and shady thing to do in my opinion.

Also looking at his original comment he links a post by @ironshield promoting LASSECASH tribe as the unsung hero of crypto. Of course this post shows a lot of very impressive data about the LASSECASH token, all of it bullshit when you realize the truth behind it.

I responded to @lasseehlers's comment with this data and his response?

Do your homework before you invest!

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