Ask Me Anything - Marky Edition

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Have you always wanted to ask me something? Now is your chance, there won't be another!
(ok, ok, there will)

Hit me up in the comment section with a question and I will do my best to answer it. I post a new AMA post every 2 months or so.

Want to do your own AMA?

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What is an AMA?

AMA is a format popular on Reddit where one person offers to answer questions for a limited period of time.

How long will I answer questions?

I will usually answer them pretty quickly, and I should be around for a few hours. I will continue to answer them as they come in.

What type of questions can you ask?

I'm open to pretty much anything but my interest fall in the following categories:

  • Crypto
  • Gaming (Video & Board)
  • Photography
  • Development
  • Technology
  • Productivity
  • Movies & TV
  • Comedy
  • Waiting for CPUs & GPUs to come in stock

Don't feel limited to the above categories, just things I generally talk about.

So let's get this shit started!

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