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In my last post, I talked about refocusing my efforts from online games to building my Family History business. My goal is to not only earn money from the blockchain while building and promoting this idea, but also train others to take advantage of building their Family History where nobody can take it away from them and it will live forever. Today, I will provide my first update in that processes.

I felt the best way to explain to people what I want to teach them is to build out a demo site of my own incorporating my own family information. Since I want this conglomeration of posts to feel like a website, I am building the pages to interconnect so that viewers can jump back and forth through the various family members and their stories. I felt like I needed to build a Main Page (a dashboard, of sorts) that would introduce who I am, tell about what I am doing, and explain how the pages will be organized. I have created this page and added the organizational part, but I still need to add the introduction of myself and my idea.

Since, for privacy reasons, I do not want to include personal information about any currently living person, I felt it would be best to start with my grandparents (who have all passed on) and share stories I have collected in the past and am currently collecting from surviving family members. The natural starting point for this information would be my paternal grandfather (my father's father), since we share the same last name. I felt this would cut down on any confusion in the initial setup.

Once I got his page set up, I started adding a bit of his story to it. I will add more and more information as I continue to collect stories in various forms. I could also see the opportunity to insert some more images to add some interest. This page will touch on his general story in written form while there are links within it that lead to more detailed information about certain times, activities, or things of historical significance. As part of this exercise, I have already created a page containing a video of my grandmother talking about his childhood years and another page with a "pict-oral" video (a video containing a photograph along with audio telling the story behind the photo). This is one type of media that I will be introducing to fellow family historians that they may not currently be utilizing. This particular pict-oral is a photo of my grandfather and his drilling rig with my father telling a story about it.

These are just two examples of the type of stories that people will be able to add to their sites as they start building their own Family History collection. As you can see, my demo site is beginning to come together, but I still have a LOT of stories and information to add. Do you have a passion that you could turn into a business? Or would you, maybe, like to start working on your own Family History collection? I'd love for you to leave me a comment about your own aspirations.

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