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Evaluating earnings is good from time to time

I constantly keep my eyes and ears open for any new leads to follow regarding buying in on projects, but I start to enjoy the passive income streams more and more as well. Some things are long term, and as you may know by now, I like to keep a healthy balance between longer and short term, especially with the need for a good bag of funds to move out of this country next year. I can't just focus on long term, HODL & moon bags as that won't get us out of here. But I do get pickier for sure!

No more procrastinating

I've truly enjoyed publishing a lot of content and reaping the rewards for all the hours I put in it. I'm trying to keep it up and as long as I'm inspired, I will keep going. It's such a great thought knowing that all of it will help me get closer to the amount we have set as a goal to start prepping our move next year. I don't want to rely on what's to expected in the crypto market, so I have to take all the possibilities to earn as they come, without any procrastination.

My Hive Stats

What caught my eye immediately was the 14.1% curation APR, I didn't expect to have that return on my account as I haven't always been paying attention to what was "smart" to vote, curation-wise. So let's just say, I don't think that's bad at all, and a nice surprise.

What also caught my eye is the only 52.7% voting power and just $0,04 left for a full vote, while a few days ago, this was close to $0,10. I think (correct me if I'm wrong that it's caused by the delegation to @leo.voter I did yesterday, eating away my voting power until recovered.

Delegating Hive power to Leo.voter

Last week, I had sweet support coming from @leo.voter and after that I read that you can delegate Hive Power to their account in return for LEO tokens. I read it twice in a day, coming from different authors, and I took it as a sign to do this.

With currently a little over 1100 HP staked, I delegated 500 HP of that amount to Leo.voter and today I received 1.592 LEO as you can see above.

I guess the amount will not be set each day, but if I'd receive this 30 days, it would be 47.76 LEO each month, $12.66 with the current price. Not sure how that's APR wise, but honestly it's not that important to me as I just want to show my appreciation for their support and the LEO tokens in return are nice, and for the HODL because I still remember LEO at $1!

Fun fact: I first accidentally delegated my LEO power to @leo.voter yesterday. When the transaction was made, I realized my mistake and had to pull it back to delegate the HP. So no LEO power for me the next days, haha. OOPS!

More stats

I checked the received rewards on my Hivestats page and I saw something quite cool, my last 30 days have brought me $361.25 in rewards, and $319.82 of that comes from last week. Amazing growth!

It's no surprise to me as I've been recovering weeks/month before I started upping my game. But it does put things in perspective!

My pending author rewards are currently $419.29 which is huge and I'm so grateful! I hit a cool milestone earlier this week of having $1000 in rewards pending. It made my day...

Curation rewards are $2.54 currently, I don't think it's bad with my stake.

My HBD savings so far

Earlier this week, I shared that I was going to save 25% of my HBD earnings and put that into the savings account for 10% APR. Let me share with you what the status is:

So far, I've been able to put 40.995 HBD into savings, which is currently worth a little over $40. Not too shabby at all for only a few days time, isn't it?

I have kept the rest of my HBD earnings liquid, as I think I will save up a little longer so that I can move the funds somewhere at once, having a bigger impact than just buying into something for only $125 at once. But if there's something that comes to my path tomorrow, I can always decide otherwise.


I love a few good stats, especially when they look nice:

Not only do I love the monetary aspect of this screenshot, but did you see that I received 103 comments in the past 7 days? I'm quite sure that I have to have a similar amount of comments myself, or even more, as I've been engaging a lot last week. I think I will pop up a little higher in @abh12345.'s engagement league this week.

Let's not forget passive income from Splinterlands

I have a nice amount of $SPS staked:

I did this for the airdrop at the time, and together with my current holdings:

This is good for a little over 11 SPS earnings a day. Currently valued at $4.59 each day. So that's another $137.60 each 30 days. Not too shabby! Add to that the fact that we had a nice month of voucher airdrop as well, bringing in some more funds as I've sold them and bought a few packs directly on the market instead to not spend all the airdropped funds.

In 5 days from now, the vouchers will be dropped again, but this time double the amount. I can't wait!

I have to go through my rentals again as it's been a week maybe since I checked. But on average, the rental earnings for my Splinterlands cards are also good for about $3 a day. Some days a little less, but at the end of the season, some more.

The verdict

I'm currently quite proud of how things are going now. It can always be better, but I believe in a month from now, things will look even better. The complete portfolio has been steady above a new floor reached, even in the market dips in the past month, other good performing coins (like $HIVE:$0.33 in the past weeks) have been keeping the value up while there were some HUGE dumps going on at some other bags we have as well. Can't complain, going to keep working hard to make it happen and keeping my eyes on the goal: the emigration...

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