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Listnerds is my introduction to e-mail marketing

At first, I was a bit overwhelmed and didn't think this could be for me, but after using it for a few days, I already see the massive potential to utilize this for several different things I have in mind. Today I will not go into that though, I will use this blog to talk about staking the CTP token on Listnerds. I'm probably not the only new user that thinks my current CTP stake on Hive Engine is going to be helpful during my Listnerds adventure. Wrong! This stake is separate from the stake you may want to have on Listnerds, compare it to Splinterlands and SPS tokens. You can buy them on Hive engine, but you move them in-game to stake them and earn rewards. This is also what you need to do with your CTP tokens if you want to earn on Listnerds.

You can also choose to buy Listnerds tokens instead btw, I just happened to choose for CTP today.

The reason I'm writing this tutorial is to convince the other newbies to e-mail marketing that this is all quite a simple process, you just have to do it once, and then it's a piece of cake. Let's get to it so you can start earning, shall we?

Listnerds Tokenmonics

I will leave you this screenshot from this post where you can find the links that will lead you to the white paper and other info about Listnerds.

This screenshot above sums it up nicely to have a simple understanding of how everything works. You can be part of one of the 3 categories: senders, stakers & receivers, or be them all. Currently, I'm a receiver & today I joined the stakers club. One of the next days I will send out my first e-mail to try how that works.

Staking CTP: A Step by step guide

Although you might think "I already have a CTP staked on HE, so I'm good", this is a different stake. I didn't realize this at first, but after walking through it, it makes sense as staking on Listnerds will earn you a portion of the rewards pool, so therefore you need to be a stakeholder there. It's very easy though, I will guide you through it as I've already staked a bit of CTP this morning.

First, I bought some CTP tokens on Hive-Engine which now needed to be transferred to Listnerds. To do so, I clicked on the CTP button at the top of the page.

You will now see your CTP balances here:

Click on the transfer in button. As you can see, I have 56.136 CTP liquid on Hive Engine.

Select the amount of CTP you want to deposit and click on the deposit button. I decided I want to stake 55 CTP so that I can easily see how much I have earned in a day due to the round number. It's just a start.

Just wait a few minutes, and then you'll see the CTP appear on your balance sheet.

Now we're going to stake the CTP, click on the stake button. This pop up will appear:

Select the amount CTP you want to stake and click on the stake button again.

Make sure you understand the fact that it takes 7 days to unstake CTP, and there will be no rewards during this 7-day window.

That's it! Once it's processed, you can see your stake here:

And on your balance sheet:

If you wish to unstake (part of) your CTP, you can do so by clicking on the unstake button.

Didn't I tell you it was simple?

It wasn't as complicated, was it? In the next days I will dedicate some time to write about the other parts of Listnerds as well, while I'm exploring the world of opportunities out there. I will show you what I've done, learned and maybe you can learn from my beginner's mistakes, who knows. If you think Listnerds is for you after reading this blog, I invite you to use my referral link so you can join my team and I will keep guiding you through your Listnerds journey so we can grow together and work on getting a nice passive income through Listnerds.

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