My Hive Goals Update #9

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Busy life, simplified goals

Real-life has been super busy and will continue to be for a few more months at least. Both working full-time on various projects as well as making sure finances go according to plan arranging what needs to be arranged and mainly just staying on track with everything is a tough cookie to swallow. It's a daunting set of tasks that are resting (mostly) on my shoulders but you know what they say "It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it". It's not dirty but it's a lot in this case. And exhausting. But the reward will be huge when we're where we want to be.

Keeping track of my Hive goals

For several weeks, it became too much work to fill in the table with my goals and calculate where I'm at percentage-wise. I knew this was the time to simplify my goals in general as well as not write a weekly update when I just don't have enough time left or feel like it. I know very well where I'm at with my goals and I know this doesn't mean I'm abandoning them. It just means I'm prioritizing to make sure that I can continue what I've been doing instead of burning out. The first thing I did was take a breathe and left my Hive goals for what they were, zoom out and decide I'm going to focus on a few goals only from now on. This doesn't mean I won't stack others or keep buying them, but it means that these are my main focus for the time being.


As some may have noticed by now, I was quite busy and went all-in on Listnerds not that long ago. I believe I included Listnerds in my Hive goals for 2022 in the last 2 updates I was writing weekly at the time, until a month ago (more or less). This is what I wrote at the time:

My goal was set at 2500 for the year, as I figured I had no idea where this was going and HOW big this stake would grow in a month's time. The power of compounding has never been that clear to me!

Only one month and 3 days later my Listnerds stake is 3064.733. I guess I can wipe another goal off the list for the year. Just kidding, I will continue what I've been doing daily for the past month: showing up, creating content, and building my team! I couldn't have done this without them and I'm proud of you all! Let's continue to grow together. Can't wait to see where everyone is a few months from now! Let alone at the end of 2022!

Another one completed: CTP

My goal was 10k CTP stake for the year, today I'm at 11585 CPT on Hive Engine and Listnerds total combined. This was my status a month ago:

Now, as I mentioned before, I have to take into account that I had NO clue what I was getting myself into regarding collecting CTP and Listnerds stakes. I had no idea that I was going to be good at it and be among the top stakeholders pretty soon. Listnerds has changed my life for the better, and I'm very excited to show others what I've been doing so that I can teach them how to get the same results even if you aren't an affiliate marketer.

You can do this too, if you want to jump on the Listnerds train and join our awesome team, please use my referral link and in the near future, you will have the benefit to be part of our own Listnerds Team Discord where we will help you learn and grow where we can.

Not setting new Listnerds or CTP goals for now

Instead, I will keep grinding and keep buying and growing both (or actually all 3 if you include Hive Engine) stakes so that the power of compounding will be even bigger! I'm going to buy the tokens whenever I can and see a nice deal and just DCA my way into bigger stakes. To my opinion, both are well worth it!

My Hive & Leo power goals

They still stand at 5000 HP & 2500 LP, both are still far from that, BUT with these two I'm going to let go of the fact that I felt I needed to earn these tokens instead of buying them. What I'm going to do instead is, be happy with the few HP & LP I earn every week now, don't worry about the big stake that's still needed to reach my goals, and start buying once I've settled down in a few months so that I can finally have a meaningful vote there as well. I'm going to make sure that I will reach them, one way or the other.

Simplified formatting when needed

No fancy divider or footer today either, that's another thing I've agreed upon with my inner (OCD) self, that it's fine to not always go the extra mile and add these personalized footers/dividers. Good enough is good enough. Tomorrow I may have more energy and inspiration, and then I will appear with flashy formating.

For now, I wish you a good night (or day) and see you next time!

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